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Weekend Tour of Duty

As I sit here this morning, coffee in hand and attemping to find something of personal value to this blog I find N-O-T-H-I-N-G. More anime fandom posts from Kotaku? Yelch. Nope! Giant Bomb? Yeah, you’re great we cant cop anything else from you. 1up, you’re just a copy of Kotaku minus the anime fanboism. We used to be friends but not anymore. Heck I’m not even sure if rich and myself even listen to your podcast. Sorry Garnet Lee.

So what’s going on? It’s the “holiday season, yeah you know that season. The one that started the day after “Christmas”.  I can say that I spent my weekend smoking some meat in the back yard (picture proof not posted) and made my own BBQ spice recipe. It turned out great. While waiting around I managed to sneak in some Killzone 2 and Beatles Rock Band.  Killzone was a tad bit tricker as I got stuck on the ATAC.  The hint was to shoot some wing things off (clearly I listened) I did. But not the right things/wings but not After about 30 attempt this thing was just flat out destroying me everytime. I’d waste all my bullets and missles, it got so bad I’m shooting at it with the REVOLVER. ARGH. >.<

At that point I told myself, what the hell am I doing.  Machine off.  There’s no way I’ll have to stop the game on a MEDIUM setting. Am I really that out of practice on shooters? Yeah, I am. It’s ok but still. It’s like riding a bike right? So what do I do?

And I come up with this truly awful yet all too common video on youtube:

Anyways yeah. That’s really stinking easy. Shoot the blue lazors, hit with missle’s, and get trophy for beating it in under 1 minute 30. Check. Check. Check.  So was this better than a anime cosplay jrpgINSANELOVE post on Kotaku? Yeah.  Why do I even go there anymore?

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