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Starcraft 2 – A Month Later

So by now errrrbody has played Starcraft 2. It’s a fantastic game with totally unexpected depth of game play for a RTS. Online multiplayer is a tad bit, Asian? Or, lesson’s in getting beat down by 12 year olds? My 1-10 record speaks volume’s to my sick RTS skills. But that is not my biggest observation. It’s that now, a month later, everyone I know is back to playing World of Warcraft.  I expected some numbers to go back, I mean, it’s crack. You always go back. But, jesus christmas! Everybody I know is back to playing wow and a dude is getting a bit lonely playing against the computer. Was this some grand plan to get people back into WoW? Doubtful.

So tell me is your friend list (all 2 of them) full of people playing WoW? I’m feeling the itch so, does starcraft 2 make you want to play wow?

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