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True Blood Season 3 – the almost halfway point

Being no stranger to the southern vampire debauchery extravaganza, finally, I think season 3 has found it’s footing. I’m not saying I’ve been disappointed so far, just a tad underwhelmed. I’m know what I’m getting when I watch that show, which is why I watch it in the first place. Some sleazy characters, oversexed situations, and some fantasy blood-n-guts that puts a big smile on this horror geek’s face. I love how True Blood is respectful to the major rules of vampire lore while bringing in some cool rules of their own. Unlike another insanely popular vampire franchise, but I ain’t sayin no names :-p

The season started with what I felt was a poop-socket of information. They introduced the new thing that’s been teased since season 1, werewolves. Introduced new characters that have been major so far, such as the vampire king of Mississippi. And they continued things introduced near the end of season 2 that made us say, what? Such as that vampire queen having Eric sell vamp blood, which is blasphemous in the vamp community. Now this is just my own opinion here, but a few times so far this season, after that first episode, I felt things moved a little slow here and there, with the show usually picking up in the 2nd half of each episode. Still entertained, just not being wowed enough. Well, there was the end of that one episode that lit up the internets due to the wildness of it all. Crazy-twisted neck-hate-sex anyone?

Finally, last night’s show made me smile, laugh, and comment at a pretty good clip. Jason’s finally getting his chance to get some detective training, don’t know why but I’m sure it’ll be a big thing by the end of the season. Poor Tara has gotten herself trapped all over again with the new insane brit vampire Franklin. Bill’s motives are a little more clear now, especially with Sookie displaying unknown powers. We’re learning more about the werewolf world. I think we’re being teased with the new girl Jason met, as in she might be something new entirely. A few more odds and ends here and there, but what really had me excited. Some more flashback stuff with Eric. Not only is he one of the coolest cats on the show, but in his younger days, the man was a motherfucking viking! We already knew this of course, but he was due to be king. And vamp king Russell has the crown of his father’s, who was killed, along with the rest of Eric’s family, by a werewolf who was led by said king. Shit. Is. On. Son. I can’t wait to see how things play out.

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