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Beady Eye – Bring the light Review

The first single from Liam Gallagher’s new outfit, Pretty Green (see what I did there) Beady Eye, released their first single today. It’s called “Bring the Light” and let me tell you, this single will not be bringing anything or even breaking any records. Well….maybe a fan breaking the record, but who really buys records anymore? Noel has to be laughing from his mountains of gold saying this is “little james” all over again.

The song starts out abruptly. It’s almost as if they are 20 seconds into the song and someone says “oh SHIT we were supposed to record this” and hastily pushed the record button. Right out of the gate you hear the Jerry Lee Lewis piano, which is brought to the forefront, along with Liams voice. Both of which quite frankly, at this point, suck. I’m being harsh, it’s not awful.  It’s just extremely derivative of 50’s rock n roll. It sounds like Karaoke. As a long time fan I can safely say with Oasis it’s always been a “Where’s Waldo” exercise in finding out what band they stole a particular tune from and it’s been enjoyable. The thing is this one doesn’t so much steal as it does sounds exactly like an era. Yawn. Y’know, because I’ve been sitting around waiting for someone to re-live that grand era of music from the 1950’s. Instead of moving into 70′s Kinks land, which I half believed they would since they rock that Mod/Rocker thing…a “mocker” if you will…Beady Eye manages to move further backwards in time.

As is almost standard fare for Liam anymore, the song goes onto some very Beatle Rubber Soul/Revolver changes. UGH. THERES THOSE FUCKING WORDS AGAIN. Liam, on the real, I like the Beatles to. It’s just that it’s really time to move on. I’ll grant you that their depth of music is absurdly astounding, and for any band to cite them as influence is like saying you’re a bit like your own father or mother at times. SEE DUH.  But, the thing is,  I also like the Stone Roses, Early Verve, Ride, Ameican Analog Set and Explosions in the Sky and many more but not MGMT. NEVER MGMT. So, read all of that as:  It’s Cool to like other bands NOT NAMED THE BEATLES .  And man, I know you like other bands. And you’re Cool as Fuck like the Inspiral Carpets EP.’ve got one of the guys FROM Ride in your band, and yet you guys digress into this?

Sadly I’m really left with a sour feeling in my mouth after this track, and also with a feeling that I’ll never really listen to this song willingly again. That’s really tragic because I fucking love the shit out of Oasis. And trust me there’s a lot of shit in this love, ok. So why the dislike? I put it down to the sheer boredom of this music. The lack of doing something interesting is puzzling to me even more so because, as I mentioned previously, Andy Bell is in the Band.  I’ll skip his time in Hurricane #1 (UGH) time, as everything else he’s touched was fantastic. Even the Oasis B-sides and A-sides he got credited with. Now, I’m not so brazen to think that the first single is going to come out like Chelsea Girl, Perfect Time, or Leave them all behind, but maybe a guy can get a black night crash pt.2? Shit I’ll even settle for Black Night Crash 15 – IN SPAAAACE.

This song is simply put: Lifeless.

Maybe, I’m being ultra harsh. Maybe it’s just a song that will ‘grow’ on you in a live setting, or maybe it’s that Steve Lillywhite is so whitebread in his approach to recordings that he saps all life from the band in the process and is to blame.  THE FUCKING LA’S. JUST SAYIN’. Wait a second. No. I’m not just sayin’.  I’m RAGING.  Lets take a moment to mourn the neverending let down known as The La’s Reformation. What a shame. It’s almost as bad as the Stone Roses neverunion.

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