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We recorded the podcast last night, 5th one! Boom. That should be up later tonight. We talked about a lot of stuff and was a lot of fun as usual. We talked a little about Rock Band/Guitar hero’s track packs. I’d like to add something I was thinking about afterward’s. I’d see a Rock Band Track pack for my favorite of music. Brit-Pop. You heard it here first. This thing would sell like HOTCAKES in the rest of the world. Calling it. Right. Here. and. now. I’m going to go on the precedent set by AC/DC with Rock band already. Although Aerosmith’s Guitar Hero Pack released with 40+ songs on it. That would make this list a joke to complete. But still. I’ll keep it simple.

So without further adieu

In no order

The Brit-Rock-Rock Band track pack. (address royalities to me for this idea kk?)

1. Connection – Elastica
2. Parklife – Blur
3. Common People – Pulp
4. Lucky Man – The Verve
5. Trash – Suede
6. Twisterella – Ride
7. Hundred Mile High City – Ocean Color Scene
8. Wide Open Space – Mansun
9. Hey Dude – Kula Shaker
10. Alright – Supergrass
11. Dolphin – Shed Seven
12. Alison – Slowdive
13. One to Another – Charlatans UK
14. Bartender and the Thief – Stereophonics
15. Roll With it – Oasis
16. Country House – blur
17. Fools Gold – Stone Roses
18. Step On – Happy Mondays
19. Good Enough – Dodgy
20. Slight Return – Bluetones
21. Australia – Manic Street Preachers
22. Olympian – Gene
23. Paranoid Android – Radiohead

Now. Tell me that wont sell millions.

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Man. 1up reported that this website is a bioshock trailer. Man. Rich and I loved this game. Sometimes I worry about follow up’s to games I really enjoy. As with everything in life I relate it to music. Bands that release a good first album usually hone their skillz next time around and make a better 2nd album. My Morning Jacket (It still moves) ,Oasis (Morning Glory), Ride (Going Blank Again), Smiths (Meat is Murder) , Shed Seven (Maximum High) , Verve, (Northern Soul), Slowdive (Soulvaki), Stereophonics (Performance and C-tails), American Analog Set (From our living room). On the other side you have the great entrances then the 2nd album drop off’s. Some people will say Biggie’s second album was better, myself I dont see it but, that’s ok. Nas did nothing after Illmatic. The Stone Roses while liking the Second Coming was NOWHERE near as good as the first. The Charlatans followed up Some Friendly with a much lesser 10th and 11th. WHATEVER. Just sayin.

Bioshock could be good or bad. hehe. Yes. I play the middle. My hope is that they take some of the problems with bioshock and improve it a little while keeping the core gameplay there. Like more space. I’m a fan of space. We’re in at the beginning of the Digital Revolution right now. I know we probably wont really see the “bigger” games until we move into the next gen consoles and game companies start really flexing the blu-ray’s capabilities. I’m not meaning oh we have 6 more feet of view space. Just meaning better movies, akin to Star Wars’s Force unleashed and GTA, better animations. Maybe I just have a ton of hope. 🙂 They call me a dreamer.

I’ll have the edit finished for the podcast by this weekend. It went really well. We’re starting to move along nicely now. We did run a little long on the TRT so apologies in advance. We’re trying to keep things around 1 hour-1:15 in length for now. Problem is there is a certain person who tends to babble (See: ME).

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