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Here Comes A New Challenger!

So you thought Jamie complained about gaming a lot.

Welcome to the surreal side of gaming.  I’m one of the biggest elitist dicks to ever grace the Internet.  Until now, I had the common courtesy to shut up and bitch about you in private, but now I’m here to smite you with your own nerdrage.  And believe me, I have an unlimited supply of it: I’m a longtime WoW player.

I will give you columns that take shit post to a new level.  Indeed, my words will burn like the morning after an all you can eat Ghost Pepper quesadilla night.

I’d like to explain the Cambridge Steamer.  It’s like a Cleveland Steamer, but I shit in your brain.  Every time I’m asked to write an article, that’s what you’ll get.  I will shit pure hatred into the brains of my fellow gamers, because I hate you all.  In time, you’ll hate me, too.

Soon after, you’ll learn to love it, and never live without hearing my anger.  I will give you a Cambridge Steamer when asked, and your tears will give me sustenance.

I hate you all,


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