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Playstation Move…from the future

In case you cats didn’t know, the Playstation Move was announced a couple weeks back at this year’s GDC. Move being the PS3’s definitive motion control solution. The Wii made sure that stuff was here to stay….my stance, hey, it’s cool for “some” games. It’s not the be all-end all of games, and at the end of the day, I just wanna kick back with a controller in my hand.

What I think makes the Move cool is it’s 1:1 accuracy. The combo of the controller(s) and the Playstation Eye camera tracking where it is in 3D space, opens up all kinds of cool potential. Of course it’s all about the games. If Sony doesn’t come up with a must-have game or two after this is released, then fuhgeddaboudit.

Anyways, the real point to this post, is the latest Kevin Butler Playstation spot. Sony’s latest PS3 ad campaign with this guy is just friggin hilarious. Spot the Wii and Natal potshots 🙂

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