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Wow! Some WoW cakes

Next time your favorite WoW fanatic is craving something sugary, why not whip up a Warcraft-inspired cake? Here are some examples:

First up, a cake made to look like the bank in Ogrimmar.

Ogrimmar bank

Next, a Paladin jumping out of a laptop screen.

Paladin cake

And, a Horde cake.

Horde cake

More cool cakes and links to the bakers on the original post over here. There’s only one way these could be improved upon for Chuddy’s birthday next year… ICE CREAM CAKES!

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Crocheted Mario Raccoon Rug

Check out what one geeky crafter whipped up for her boyfriend’s birthday – a Mario Raccoon rug!

That’s 386 granny squares of pure nerdy flavor. “Enemyairship” from Craftster, we salute your crafty skills.

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