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New Expansion for Dragon Age Origins – 3/16/10

We do a little talking to this game on the cast from time to time. Sounds like a behemoth of a game, some calling for 80 hrs of playtime(!). I’ve yet to start it myself, but Joystiq reports that an expansion disc is coming, “Awakening”, for a cool 40$. At that price something tells me this isn’t your typical DLC…for 2/3rds the price of the game, it might be as long as the main game. Once again, (!). We’ll know more when EA/Bioware says more. Here’s a description from said Joystiq article.

Awakening takes place after the (many) events of Origins, putting the player in the role of a new Grey Warden Commander, or simply an old, imported character from the main game, taking on new monsters, like the Inferno Golem and the Spectral Dragon, in a new area of the world called Amaranthine. The expansion features an increased level cap, new items, new spells, the ability to “re-spec” attributes, and five new party members with whom to bond.”

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