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The Horror Corner – Session 9

So here I sit a dismal but sunny Friday morning. I have been absent from the game reviews and for that I apologize. I know my thongs of adoring fans are beating themselves silly right now with anticipation of whether or not I’m going to post my Horror movie reviews. So without kidding myself any further about my own popularity I’ll get right to Session 9. If you listened to the 18th podcast you heard richieraw and myself mention this thriller of a movie. Not so much a gore fest or a fright show its more of a psychological thriller that keeps you guessing the entire time. Session 9 directed by Brad Anderson released in 2001. The movie centers around a group of Asbestos removal technicians who are working to rehabilitate an older mental facility. This team is filled out by such societal winners as a law school dropout, a dreamer with the hopes of one day running a casino, the bitter lonely guy and the new guy with severe fear of the dark. This motley crew of weak and wounded workers makes the movie that much more appealing. The character development takes place sequentially throughout the film and allows you to gradually get to know each of the guys on the crew, right before they are murdered. The ending of the film is a bit heavy and relays the fragility of the human mind. Now you all know I’m not going to ruin the movie for you so grab yourselves a six pack of a nice amber beer, a girl who isn’t easily scared, and turn the lights off and surround sound up. I’m sure all you dream machines out there will love this movie for its absolute creepiness factor.

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Friday Night Horror Corner

Hello Fiends and welcome to the first of Friday night Horror Corner. I’m putting this up here because I know lots of you dream machines love your Horror movies as much as I do. I know you’re tired of finding a good title and getting all ready to watch it and all you see is bad computer gen movie effects and horrid acting. I’m tired of seeing nothing but bloody knives and T&A…well not that I’m tired of seeing T&A I’m just not so sure that directors know how to put it into a horror movies anymore.
So without further ado I’m going to tell you all about some GOOD horror movies. Horror movies made like they used to be made, movies that are made with suspense and fear in mind. The kind of movies that will put you to bed with the lights on



Deathwatch a film directed by Michael Bassett and released Nov of 2002 is a movie set in WW1 Western front. I am not going to ruin the movie for you I’m just going to tell you that it’s a war movie with a HUGE horror twist to it. This movie has everything suspense, blood, and absolute shock. The ending of this movie twisted me for a few days I had no idea it was coming like it did. Watch this movie and I guarantee you’ll love it if you don’t I’ll post pictures of me in a clown outfit.
For a real exciting night curl up on the couch turn off all the lights make some quesadillas and grab a six pack of mad elf beer. Throw this puppy in the dvd player and turn the surround system to 11. I’ll see you freaks and geeks next Friday.

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