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New Expansion for Dragon Age Origins – 3/16/10

We do a little talking to this game on the cast from time to time. Sounds like a behemoth of a game, some calling for 80 hrs of playtime(!). I’ve yet to start it myself, but Joystiq reports that an expansion disc is coming, “Awakening”, for a cool 40$. At that price something tells me this isn’t your typical DLC…for 2/3rds the price of the game, it might be as long as the main game. Once again, (!). We’ll know more when EA/Bioware says more. Here’s a description from said Joystiq article.

Awakening takes place after the (many) events of Origins, putting the player in the role of a new Grey Warden Commander, or simply an old, imported character from the main game, taking on new monsters, like the Inferno Golem and the Spectral Dragon, in a new area of the world called Amaranthine. The expansion features an increased level cap, new items, new spells, the ability to “re-spec” attributes, and five new party members with whom to bond.”

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MMA Fighter flips out on EA Sports programmers!

For those that don’t know, EA Sports is cashing in on the MMA craze by releasing their own MMA fighting game. One fighter in particular sat down with some of the developers and saw his player rating (it was low), and just couldn’t deal with reality. Now before you go judging the man, make sure to watch to the end, it’s funny stuff and a great ‘guy’ moment that I’m sure many of us have went through at sometime in life, enjoy.

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Madden 10 Co-Op

I came across a Multiplayer CO-OP video of the new Madden 10. I cant lie, the graphics look really good in this video. It’s really evident the game has evolved over the past 10 years. I will say that it looks cool that they are saying they have added a new co-op. Maybe I missed it and it’s “on-line” CO-OP but hasen’t that been in the game for a long time now? I really seem to remember doing this with a friend in college on my little 22 inch tube tv and just saying what the heck. I may be trippin’ on this y’all.

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