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Fable 3 Video’s – Something to geek out too in the AM?

Ok, I’m going to drop a bomb bomb bomb SHELL. Not really. I lie. I’m actually just going to put together some Fable 3 videos that are out right now.

Peter Molyneux visits the GameSpot live stage to show off Fable 3 with the worst possible interviewer possible. Good lord.

Here is a guide of the Fable 3 Levels – I like far more epic. 🙂

More gameplay – wings? Seriously?

Here is a good video of the emotions you can do to NPC’s

Lastly here is a combat video – which I know you’ve been waiting for – I love how the player uses the musket to shoot behind him without looking. Hilarious.

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E3 2010 -Fable 3

How could I forget to show some Fable love on this piece? Here’s their E3 trailer. And if you’re really curious, some commentary from Creative Designer, Peter Molyneux.

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Fable 3 Concept art

Woot. More concept art. Well. not really a woot considering it’s nothing more than concept art but I would NOT be a fanboi if I didn’t exactly geek over this.

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