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Ratchet and Clank – A Crack In Time

Did anyone who played this game think that this game just goes on and on? I’ve been playing this game for nearly 9 months now in various spurts but there have been times where I sat down and destroyed swaths of this game. Maybe it’s the side missions to get zoni’s or upgrades, or the thunderdome deal but holy cow this game is going on and on! Not that it’s really a bad thing. It does have that old side scrolling battletoads elements where you simply just destroy things in hilarious and imaginative ways. Even still after awhile I am getting tired of blowing shit up. Is this because it’s meant to be the end of a chapter in R+C history? You tell me, I cant really tell.

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The Master control?

Rich sent a link today containing the tree of controllers. Man this brought back some memories. I think we’re going to add a little discussion of controllers and how they’ve evolved this week!

In other news wowinsider posted a contest where you win 100$ to this site. I’ll first go on a limb and say that this site has well means and there will totally be a audience to what they have but it wont be me. A guild t-shirt is kind of going too far into nerddom. And this coming from a guy that goes pretty far into it. Deep Space 9 anyone? Especially since the current guild design I made for mine is a beer barrell. Or is it some kind of bomb. I don’t even know. But I can say that it wont be on a shirt on this body.

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