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Gamescom 2010 – PS3 Trailers!

What the hell is Gamescom anyway?? According to the wiki, it sounds like a European E3 of sorts that started a couple years ago. We probably posted stuff from it last year….can’t live in the past man! Haha, anyways, some new stuff on the PS3 front.

Resistance 3 live action trailer. Hmmm. Taking a cue from those live action Halo spots are we?? Ehh, who cares. I’m in the ‘loooove Resistance 1’ camp, part 2….not so much(did I review that? I better jump on it). Hopefully 3 brings me back around.

New Ratchet & Clank trailer. I love those games, I really do….the last game was awesome, it just doesn’t have that compelling aspect to make me wanna finish it right away. What I’m saying is that I wanna finish it before this comes out….and what I’m also saying is-*screech* ooh, 4-player online co-op!

Another InFAMOUS 2  trailer, cool. The first game had some real promise, but janky battle/enemy design kept me from loving it. Let’s hope the sequel rights all the wrongs.

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New “Heavy Rain” trailer from Gamescom ’09

Developed from the guys that brought us Indigo Prophecy (I LOVE, that game), comes their follow up, Heavy Rain. Exclusively for the PS3 and shipping sometime (hopefully) early next year, it looks more and more amazing everytime I see it.

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Fable III Announced

Hooray for teasers and videogame events I don’t know about(how’d that happen?), straight from Gamescom ’09, the Fable III teaser.

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