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GBU game review for Ghostbusters (Xbox360)

The long awaited now-gen iteration of a Ghostbusters game finally dropped in June 2009. Released for just about everything under the sun including the Xbox360, PS3, PC and Wii. What we have here is a 3rd person shooter style action game, except you use proton packs instead of guns. I played through the 360 version.

The Good – Really captures the Ghostbusters movies’ feel. The characters represented are all voiced by the original actors, except for Vigo. Tons of fan service, from the music, to Slimer, even having Vigo’s painting at HQ. Graphics are very solid, proton packs, traps, etc, are all detailed as closely to their movie counterparts as much as possible. The first time you wrangle with a ghost and trap him, you really get a feel for being a Ghostbuster. Storyline is canon, which takes place 2yrs after the sequel. Levels are huge and imaginative taking you places you’ve never seen in the movies. Proton packs eventually update to having 4 different modes to fight ghosts, and are upgradable to help keep things fresh. I found some moments to be genuinely creepy in a survival horror kind of way, which was nice.

The Bad – Playing this on the medium/default difficulty level yields a tedious result. No joke, I couldn’t take the game for more than 20mins at a time, restarted it in the easy setting, it became 10x more fun. Old and bad game design at times, example, if I die after a checkpoint, then choose to restart at said checkpoint….I have to wait for what seems to be the WHOLE level reloading, I assume that cuz it takes like 50 seconds. Fellow AI can be pretty dumb, walking into walls, shooting you by mistake, etc. Not much variety in taking down enemies. PKE scanning system can be very clunky.

The Ugly – Seriously, having to restart the game on easy to enjoy it….this game should’ve been a Ghostbusters fan’s dream, but too many flaws keep it in the 75% rating category.

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