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41st Podcast

I’m loling as I listen to this. Lovvvvving the INTRO. 41st Podcast BOOOOOOM

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What did YOU get for christmas?

As I sit here eating a hot pocket that is slightly undercooked I can safely say I dont know what you got but but I can tell you what I got. Though, it’s still to be determined what else I will get as I am getting a 3rd christmas ala the wifey’s mudda. I got Ratchet and Clank’s “A Crack in time”. It’s not so unlike the previous Ratchet and Clank game and I for one subscribe to the if it aient broke don’t fix it creed in life. That said, I’m not opposed to upgrades and they have upgraded the game. You can spot these new features within the first hours of the gameplay. I wont go into these features because well, that’s for the PODCAST as we say around the MCC. There’s still two games left on my list that I really wanted and it’s a bit much to expect even those. So, I may be buying these on my own. Hell the God Of War collection is only 39.99 not too much to pay even after dropping a few hundred on family. =0

So to the 30 of you a day that read out blog, what did YOU get for christmas?

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God Of War Collection Trailer

Hittin’  on the ‘yeah boyeee’ tip, Sony hits us with an awesome trailer for the upcoming God Of War Collection for the PS3, the HD cleanup of God Of War 1 & 2.

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God Of War Collection comes with the God Of War III demo!

Can I get a hell yeah?! Reading on joystiq, it was confirmed by Sony that the God Of War Collection will include a download voucher for the GoWIII demo they showed at E3, so Kratos’ Krackheads like myself will get a taste of the new sequel early. We reported on this a few podcasts back, it was only a rumor that the demo would come with the Collection disc, then shot down, covering their butts in case in couldn’t happen I guess, and now it’s back on for realz. Can’t wait to get the taste as well as play through the first two games again in HD glory. I almost fired up the PS2 recently, after gettin hyped watching Clash of the Gods on the History Channel, just to play my old copies. I think greek mythology is very cool, and the GoW games throw you right in the middle of these stories, so watching that program gave me the Kratos itch……but I think I can hold off till Nov. 10th, when the God Of War Collection ships. 🙂

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GBU Game Review for God Of War 1 & 2 (PS2)

In honor of these incredible games coming to the PS3 in updated form later this year, here’s how they stick out in my mind. I’m just gonna lump them together since it’s a continuing story and whatever can be said about part 1, can be said about part 2, obviously with bigger and better additions. Each one gets a 9/10 from me.

The Good – If you like hack-n-slash third person adventures of the triple A variety, look no further than this series. First, the story is captivating, channeling greek god myths and the like to get it’s narrative across, told through excellent CG cutscenes as well as in-game cutscenes, what’s here is compelling from beginning to end. You play as Kratos, the most bad ass of the spartans, seeking revenge on the God of War, fighting greek gods and monsters along the way, eventually becoming the God Of War yourself, but oh no, the quest is quite finished yet, hence the sequel and the eventual GoWIII. Top notch PS2 graphics spawn great looking characters, enemies, environments and so on….when part 2 came out, I thought, OK, it looks like part 1, no biggie since it looked great, but switching back and forth really showed how much better 2 looked. More enemies onscreen, more detail and levels that are incredibly huge and epic, so much so that in some areas the camera pulls away revealing everything and Kratos becomes but a spot on the screen, it was breathtaking at the time(especially for the PS2). Great audio, orchestral theatrical quality music doesn’t get old and really pumps you up during battles, voice acting is also great and convincing and adds alot to the storytelling.  And what keeps a homie coming back, the awesome gameplay…there’s only a few examples of games that actually make you feel bad ass with little effort, this being one of them of course, the level of violence on the deserving enemies just cement that fact. The fighting is combo based, but it’s just so easy to go in and start wreckin shop, that’s not to say that it’s a straight button masher, but the games won’t shrug you off if you’re new to it, and it’s incredibly rewarding if you take the time to learn some of the stuff, basically there’s plenty here for noobs, and plenty for the experts. Some level puzzles help to break up the action and keeps things fresh so you don’t burn out with too much fighting. Weapons upgrade system that makes you work for it but also opens up more and more moves as you move along. Magic attacks (can be upgraded as well) mixes in seamlessly with the fighting adding to your ass kicking repertoire. Some quick time events, mainly during boss battles, hardly ever get in the way and they reward you with health and such sometimes, they also add to the bad assness sometimes(tap a button to continually slam a door on someone’s head? HELL YEAH!). Can you tell I really love these games? 🙂

The Bad – There’s not much I can really say in this category, but for review’s sake, I’ll nitpick a little. Quick time events, you either love em or hate em, or like me, don’t mind much as long as they don’t get in the way. As mentioned, GoW has em. Difficulty isn’t an issue, if it is, the game takes note and offers to go to easy mode for you, though if you can’t figure out a puzzle, difficulty setting doesn’t make a difference and to the internets you go. Part 1 could’ve been a bit longer(took me like 8hrs my 1st time through), but part 2 fixes that(took me like 20hrs my 1st time through). There’s no camera control, but you don’t really need it, the games are smart about where to angle the views, keeping things cinematic without hampering the gameplay, but I’ll catch myself hitting the right stick sometimes out of habit.

The Ugly – Medusas, check….Ogres, check….Hydras, check…most of these greek mythology monsters aren’t pretty, that’s for sure.

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God of War 3 Released 2010

Fresh from the E3 convention sony has announced God of War 3 to be released in March 2010. Here are some videos of God of War 3’s gameplay. I cannot emote the feelings of pure excitment I’m getting while watching this. This is a big reason why i wanted a PS3. I cannot stress how insanely amazing God of War 3 looks. The big where he grabs a hold of the bird in part 1. Jesus. P.E.T.A be damnd right? How about in part 2 when all the guys rush Kratos and he knocks them all away. Then the ultimate finisher on the Minotaur. maaaan.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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GBU for Wolverine (XBOX360)

Not quite finished this game yet, but pretty far, I think I can give it a fair shake though. If anything changes my opinion by the end, I’ll update this accordingly.

The Good – Fast paced action of the hack-n-slash variety that’s easy to pick up. God of War like in it’s approach to gameplay, which is a good thing. Fun moves and combos with a leveling system that gets deeper as you go along. Graphics based on Unreal Engine 3, Wolvie himself looks slick, it captures Hugh Jackman perfectly. Wolverine’s healing effect from the X-Men movies are rendered here perfectly, as Wolvie is shot, blown up, etc…you’ll see his insides and adamantium covered bones in all sorts of random ways, then he regenerates(heals) right before your eyes, it’s jaw dropping the 1st time you see it. Environments from the jungles of Africa, to the Weapon X facility, etc, are huge and nicely detailed. Way gory, but in a way that makes sense, you’re a guy with indestructible claws on your hands for weapons fer cryin out loud. Stick this one in the stress reliever category for it’s mindless fun.

The Bad – Can get pretty repetitive, there’s plenty of moves at your disposal, but you’re not really challenged to try different things…so it’s up to you as to how deep the gameplay can get. Bosses….so far, they all seem to require the same strategy which gets tedious and, well, repetitive. Graphics don’t always have a spitshine, some things up close show some ugly jaginess, framerate will dip sometimes when there’s lots of things happening onscreen, screen tearing rears it’s ugly head sometimes too.

The Ugly – Overall, I think it’s really fun, but not worth 60$…I’d buy it for 40$, like it is on PC. That’s what’s ugly to me, this licensing fee on console games that smacks us poor consumers, grrrr `_´

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