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AMD and Nvidia next gen Graphics Cards

It’s that time of year again folks. Our friendly friends over at amd and nvidia are primed to release their next line of Graphics Cards. There’s an article over at Venture beat that has a nice bit of back and forth between the companies. Surprisingly little is over at their own sites about the next gen other than a small article about the switch to Windows 7. There’s a paragraph that tickles my fancy….

Windows 7 will also have features such as touch-screen control and a new graphics standard, DirectX 11. That latter is important because it delivers new graphics features that leading-edge consumers are likely to want. One feature is GPU Compute, which uses a graphics chip to perform non-graphics applications such as converting video from one format to another

The touch screen feature of Windows 7, will be cool, but what gets me is the ability to have your Video card to assist in performing non-graphics applications with a specific statement of converting video. I’m not a bleeding edge person although I do consider myself on the higher end of people with encoding, as that is known, experience. But, isen’t all this application side? Not hardware done? I can only guess that they’re thinking of real-time encoding? I’m not exactly sure. According to the article this will also be an available function for the new Mac OS, Snow Leopard.

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