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Just Like Losing The Winning Lotto Ticket…

…perusing the blogs I came across this interesting story on Kotaku. We’re big fans of the music genre persuasion round these parts(Rock Band/Guitar Hero). So I found it interesting, Mad Catz, third party manufacturer of usually reasonably priced, ok quality peripherals and such, could’ve got a taste of the Guitar Hero craze. The first game only came out on PS2, the sequel came out for that and the 360 as well, which is when I got into the insanity.

Mad Catz was apparently handling operations that would’ve brought Guitar Hero 1 to the 360, but Konami filed a lawsuit to all parties involved. I can only assume because they had a series from the PS1 days known as Guitar Freaks, another music game with a guitar controller but nowhere near as good as RB/GH. The guys at Mad Catz didn’t wanna deal with this, so they paid 300K to get out of their obligation to avoid headaches I guess. Looks like that Konami suit went away since it’s unheard of these days. Fast forward 5 years and the bucket tons of cash that Guitar Hero has raked in later…..and man….that’s gotta sting.

Sucks to be them :-\

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Guitar Hero On Expert While Solving Two Rubik’s Cubes

Does this kid have talent… or just too much free time?

I have learned two things from watching this video. Kids still play with Rubik’s Cubes (who woulda thunk it), and I never want to play Mr. Crowley on Guitar Hero.

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Rock Band

We recorded the podcast last night, 5th one! Boom. That should be up later tonight. We talked about a lot of stuff and was a lot of fun as usual. We talked a little about Rock Band/Guitar hero’s track packs. I’d like to add something I was thinking about afterward’s. I’d see a Rock Band Track pack for my favorite of music. Brit-Pop. You heard it here first. This thing would sell like HOTCAKES in the rest of the world. Calling it. Right. Here. and. now. I’m going to go on the precedent set by AC/DC with Rock band already. Although Aerosmith’s Guitar Hero Pack released with 40+ songs on it. That would make this list a joke to complete. But still. I’ll keep it simple.

So without further adieu

In no order

The Brit-Rock-Rock Band track pack. (address royalities to me for this idea kk?)

1. Connection – Elastica
2. Parklife – Blur
3. Common People – Pulp
4. Lucky Man – The Verve
5. Trash – Suede
6. Twisterella – Ride
7. Hundred Mile High City – Ocean Color Scene
8. Wide Open Space – Mansun
9. Hey Dude – Kula Shaker
10. Alright – Supergrass
11. Dolphin – Shed Seven
12. Alison – Slowdive
13. One to Another – Charlatans UK
14. Bartender and the Thief – Stereophonics
15. Roll With it – Oasis
16. Country House – blur
17. Fools Gold – Stone Roses
18. Step On – Happy Mondays
19. Good Enough – Dodgy
20. Slight Return – Bluetones
21. Australia – Manic Street Preachers
22. Olympian – Gene
23. Paranoid Android – Radiohead

Now. Tell me that wont sell millions.

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