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Toy Story 3 , The Movie VS The Game

The Movie – So I finally got around to checkin out Toy Story 3 over the weekend and wow. Pixar can simply do no wrong in my eyes, I love all their movies, they just know how to hit the right notes with me. And with their last few flix, they hit some serious emotional notes as well. They tell a hell of a story…the adventure is as big as ever, not a retread, new characters are interesting, the CG is awesome. And there’s a moment, no spoilers, where they made me accept a scenario I never would of thought to in another kids movie. It’s powerful stuff. I checked it out in 3D, which looked cool and all that good stuff, but you’re not missing anything if you don’t. It’s non essential, and good for Pixar for not going gimmicky. There’s no exaggerated coming out the screen stuff, just nice subtle in screen depth. I still wanna see it on an IMAX screen though :-p

The Game – Warning….I may not be fair to it. In total, I might’ve spent 90mins with it….and that’s all I care to do. But Rich, whaddya mean? Didn’t you know most movie tie-in games suck? True…but the various podcasts and such that I listen to made a big deal about it. It’s not horrible, but I don’t think it’s that special either. After seeing the movie, I had the hankering to revisit that world in game form, so I said why not and fired up the 360 version. Graphically, it’s gorgeous, bout as close as current consoles can probably get to looking like the movies. The 1st level is a pretty neat imaginative scenario taken out of the movie. The 2nd level is a bit that leads up to a scene in the movie. The 3rd level is basically Buzz’s video game from the movies. And that’s where I stopped….back to that in a minute. There’s an open world mode, where you’re doing little missions and constantly unlocking stuff to decorate the area. In concept, it’s really good stuff. My issue is the actual gameplay. I know it’s made for the youngins and all that, but dang, some serious tweaking needed to be made. It’s all responsive, no problems there. It just doesn’t feel fun to play. The worst thing I probably went through is the whole jumping platforms bizness. Some parts I just kept dying and it got frustrating. It wasn’t just that, the feel was just ‘off’, I dunno. Maybe I’ll give it another chance, I really wanna like it. It’s ambitious and I wanna see what else it has to offer.

Now the one game I have to give a chance to, is that Lego Harry Potter game. My partner in crime absolutely loves it, critics call it the best Lego game. I’ve also heard that if you never got into those games, like myself, this is the one to try. I’m a total geek for the Potter movies so I just might 😉

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Lego Harry Potter: The best game I’ve played all summer (6 days)

I’m going to fanboi big time right now. I love the lego video games.  Yes, even Lego Batman with it’s massive flaws and stupidly dumb and hard puzzles. Here’s an example of my love. I loved it like I enjoy punching babies.

I’m kidding. I don’t punch babies……I KICK THEM IN THE FACE. BOOYA.

Lego moving to Harry Potter as it’s Series was something that it should have explored before Batman whose flaw was  really that there was no story everyone was uniquely familiar with. With Harry Potter you have to lived in a basement with a psychopathic killer who didn’t allow you any light,  no access to the Internet, and certanly not Tim Horton’s Coffee – YOURE DRINKING FOLGERS CHOICE BITCH – to not know the story lines. We’re not even out of the First Movies and we’re finding outselves going oo and “awe” so much that we’ve run through 3 barf bags with a 4th on Standby. The biggest difference I’d have to sayis really utilizing your wands to a great effect. While this may be a pain in the arse at times, sometimes you just want to roll through everything, it makes you WANT to see what things you discover. In a video game, that kind of depth and especially the enjoyment of that depth is just not there. You really feel like you’re a little wizard and that is exactly what will make fans go Lady GaGa over this game. Nevermind the top notch graphics that remind me of…gasp…GEARS OF WAR WTF!?…running around Hogwarts (SO AMAZING SQUEEE), or the quality puzzles and, the childlike fun of the cut-scenes along with game play this game has everything I wanted it to have and more.

I will add a caveat, we’re about 4 hours into the game so there are chances it could go all SuperMario Brothers (see: SUCKS) again, but I’m hoping not. Even still, if it does I still had a great first four hours that I’ve not had since Halo ODST. Go out and buy this game immediately my fellow wizards.

Lego Harry Potter is Released June 29th available on All platforms (including the wii)

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