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The new World of Warcraft LFG tool is NOT a tool.

So patch 3.3 came out yesterday and despite my previous mentions of being over wow, I’m very much NOT. And let me explain why. I’m a addict. LOLOLOLING. SO. FRIGGING HARD.  I kid.

In all seriousness I’m not really this crazy gamer who maxes out everything. I’m a total half bake when it comes down to it. As you can tell by the frequency of my posts here. Rich suffers from the same affliction if you cant tell.  Well the biggest beef is that I cant stand most every other gamer on the planet and most every one of them maxes or has to be the best. That’s just not my style. I just play games dog. Card games, board games, video games, etc, whatever.  So in this patch Blizzard introduced a cross realm looking for group tool. That means not only your realm has people looking but also your entire battlegroup and for mine that means >20< realms. >20<.  Groups fill quickly now to say the least. Another awesome feature is if you pick up group, or pick “random” heroic, you’ll get a buff to your damage, healing and I believe damage reduction. I’m certain on the first 2 but not the last one. +5% is HILARIOUS for good geared groups which I managed to stumble in with.  So you select what you want to do, damage, tank, heal, or even lead a group (but you also have to select one of the first three duh). At max level you do Dungeons on normal or “heroic” setting. On heroic (which most everyone does now that most of us have some level of gear) you get badges that drop from bosses along with loot. With these badges you can buy really nice gear. So for example, I’ll do a dungeon and get 4 badges. To get a baller “tier piece” one of the more expensive items I’ll have to spend 58 badges. 58/4 sucks. Right? That’s like >15< heroic runs.  But here’s the kicker. Most everyone is geared up and heroics aren’t too awful unless your group is hella bad. Which is not always the case. So most heroics take 30 or so minutes or for the longer ones 1 hour. The time invested is not crushingly awful for one piece. (dungeon sets anyone. UGH).
To kind of combat this hella gnarley ness they introduced “daily” dungeon quests giving gold AND badges.  So it wont take 15 runs to get one piece. Realistically you’ll get something from a heroic unless you’re ultra geared out so it’s not like mind numbingly bad. Also you can now wear tabards to get rep so after 15 runs you’re likely exalted with all of Humanity or any high level faction in game. At exalted factions will sell you epic items.  So lets say you didnt get something you liked in heroic drops, which is unlikely, there are also other rewards with that effort.  Sure, It’s not a total cake walk but it is compared to when the first part of the game came out.

I know people will get really lame about it and say Blizzard is handing out epics and “casuals” much in the same way they talk about conservatives or liberals (as if they’re people really walking around with this above them saying THINK OF ME).  And, sure they are to some extent. But what they’re really doing is making a very in-depth game much lighter on the normal people.  Now that I’m older and thus don’t have time nor any interest to be on the computer from 9-5 then from 6-12 this is GREAT. I can pop in and out of groups swiftly, get what I want from the game which is pew pew pew pew pew, and then roll on to over things in my life. On weekends I can still raid though my guild doesn’t, and only one or two pug raids happen.  This game just got A LOT better for me.  Blizzard is like the JK Rowling. Everything she does is gold and same with them. Props to blizzard.

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