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Screen Shots for Isle of Conquest

Some new screen shots have been leaked for the Isle of Conquest Battleground. One is of the bg itself and one of the extension to the map. The map is really worrysome to me. There’s forever that “honor farming” that goes on and since the map is so vast, are we going to see a repeat of AV? I think more than likely. At least after the first month when the “newness” wears off and people start complaining. I do in fact like the objectives that are being added and I’m one of the few in favor of vehicle combat. I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say the alliance side is the blue, duh right? So the imbalance of the map right off the bat is whatever is that place on the right side. The trip to it is equally as fast for the horde side as it is alliance. Yet the i’m going to guess machine shop in near the horde base is equally as close to them but much further than the alliance. The alliance’s, i’m going to guess machine shop again, is in front of the horde base. So much for equal sides. I was thinking of resubbing to check this out but, it’s crack as we all know. And I may just be trippin’ on serious stuff. I haven’t even played the bg so who knows what the kiddies will do to it.

The images are too big for displaying so I’ll just put down some links.

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Tier 9 item sets

Mmo champion has reported that Tier 9 items will have different models for each faction. Alliance and Horde. He goes on to explain with an example that I’ll dumb down. Paladins have three different talent trees, one for healing, one for tanking and one for just damage. And one for each level. Remember blizzard implimented more mini tiered raiding in Wotlk? Well that means that there are now 18 sets for Paladins.

One would think that it’s different recolorings. So that Horde get Red and alliance get blue themed items. And I’m OK with that, I didn’t like everyone looks exactly the same in game at higher levels. Cool yeah? It’s the little things y’all. For that vast amount of people that don’t raid, and I’m sure it’s well over 1/2, this news is whatever.

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