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GBU for Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 2 (PC)

This is a oldie, if you consider 2006 old, but quite a goodie that was released for the PC but also the 360. Fresh off the Heels of the much beloved Peter Jackson films this one keeps to the world he helped make a live action reality. I only have time to write out the skirmish setting but the single player is equally as good (if not better).

Good: The Art style is pretty bang on amazing. For 2006 you get a spectactular resolution setting. 1400×950. I set it to as high as I could go and the units look pretty awesome. Almost like a toy figure you see in game stores. You are given multiple hero units with their own, if small in scope, abilities. There are 6 factions and almost all are pretty fairly balanced. Your gameplay really focus’s on the micro management of each battle. For example your opponent brings a bunch of archers, long swordsmen and a tank. You’ll need each of your basic defense units minus the tank. First send in your horsemen to take down the archers but you cant leave them in for too long to fight because the long swordsmen will mow them down. You then send in your ground unit to take out the long swordsmen. Don’t leave them in too long because the tank will destroy them.

Bad: This will almost be the exact opposite of what I just wrote with one minor caveat that i’ll get to after the graphics. Although the graphics are pretty awesome for a RTS there are some flaws with the shadow’s causing black blocks to appear randomly. When you move from what is your preset view mode you go into the dark and it just does not even look half as good. This is just like all the rts’s the warcraft franchise has given us. All your structures are basic, farm, fortress,stables,barracks. ANYONE who has played a RTS previously will be able to drop in easily with the one thing I mentioned earlier. The intricate fighting is fun, but if you are battling multiple opponents, managing it makes it not. You really need a few seconds to pull units in and move them out swiftly all the while 5 tanks are also hitting your keep, it’s annoying.

Ugly: My eyes hurt because I got so deeply involved in these battles. ? That’s all I could think of, ha ha.

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OMG, LOTR finally on Blu-ray!…wait, theatrical?!?

I dunno how the J-Man feels about the Lord Of The Rings films, I think he’s read the books….but I, LOVE, these films….and even better, the extended editions of these films. But man, we’re only gonna get the theatrical cuts right now? High definition on disc(HDDVD/Bluray) made it’s debut in ’06, and we HD fans have been waiting for this announcement ever since….but I might have to hold off till the EE versions are announced, 70$ is alot of scratch for some flix I’ll probably buy again in extended form 😦

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