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The Best Search Engine Terms

In honor of you, my guests – all 100 of you that visit here on any given day, I want you to know how you get here. I think this is more of me wanting to put these terms out here for the world to see than anything else as I find endless humor in how people find our little blog. So here are the best search terms for this week in 2010.

anime neckbeard
– hahahahahaha.
ratchet and clank birthday cakes – really? I think this is the world of warcraft cakes my eternal love wrote up about 3 years ago and all the R+C reviews combined together to form some sweet and juicy SEO. I bet there is a cherry on top of that cake. Along with 20 MILLION MISSLES MWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH
halo reach sucks – no. you suck. go play again.
funny lines from halo reach – sorry I dont think there are any.
this bitch didn’t know when to shut the – You tell her dog.
the gamer – how we even managed to get on such an all encompassing set of words that go beyond just gaming, is mind blowing. Seriously you found us by typing “the gamer”?
fat computer programmer – Were you drawn to us by some ultra strong magnetic force?
tag your friends personalities – not before I tag you.
motherfucking zerg rush – Jack knows all about this in the Diamond Division (still don’t believe him)
play him off keyboard cat mp3 blog – EPIC WIN. People literally search US out..for play him off keyboard cat mp’3. I love you keyboard cat. Seriously.
starcraft humor – gamers have starcraft humor? no way.
halo reach fucking up your life – it did richie’s
bearded chubby asian – jack looking for his next date?
chozo team fortress 2 – I love how this dude, every single day, crops up on search. So amazing. Chozo..I love you. Curse words and all.

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