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Daily LOL – Goat Yelling Like A Man.

Goat Yelling like a Man. This is so hilarious.

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Press hop with Allen Iverson

Man, this is cracking me up. I can’t stop watching it. You may have learned of Steve Porter from his Rap Chop, or the sham-wow chop, but he’s hit gold again with another rap. He mashes up a bunch of stars, the famous Jim Mora freak out, the dennis green rage moment and my favorite of all TO cry-baby meltdown. THATS MY QUATERBACK. (not anymore)

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Keyboard Cat Mp3

I’m going to tread really lightly with our Little Multimedia/Video Game Blog and Podcast hosting this Mp3. We don’t want any trouble. So this may disappear one day because we choose to delete it or our host WordPress comes down with the ban-hammer. There’s nothing can be done about that and we would gladly abide by their decision if they do. <3. I’m going to post the Mp3 we have of Play him off The keyboard cat. Use it for your ringtones or whatever. Much love goes out to the Originator of the Idea.

*Awaits the Spam*

Note we have movied to a new site.

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Play him off Keyboard Cat

I know this has nothing to do with games but whatever. This is cracking me up. No, not the guy passing out. That’s actually very sad to see. Anyways, here’s play him off the keyboard cat. Or you can just watch from this clip. .

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