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E3 2010 -Metal Gear Solid Rising -Trailer

For those that aren’t fans of MGS’ stealth prowess, this may be more your cup of tea. I can’t wait to play this, it looks so amazing….

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E3 – Day 1 – Kojima Finally Comes Clean

As you guys can tell from some of Jamie’s previous posts, it’s the 1st day of E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) and Microsoft is the first up to bat with their press conference. We finally get the news of Hideo Kojima’s next project “Metal Gear Solid Rising”, coming to the xbox360, but they didn’t mention exclusive, so chances are it’ll be on PS3 as well. Also with the subtitle “Lightning Bolt Action”, showing Raiden on the title screen, possibly confirming what I was hoping for. An MGS starring Raiden as he appeared in MGS4 with crazy fast sword fighting, matrix style action. Hopefully more info will be revealed soon.

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