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POP! pt.2

We’re still popin’ and tappin’ and mackin’ and relaxin’. While I think other podcasts sound a lot worse than ours we can still improve in ours. One thing is the p’s when we talk. It’s the PUH that gets picked up. If you listen to podcasts you generally accept that this is just something that happens due to the proliferation of people using headsets. In any case, we use mic’s. Going into a mixer. We also have the fortune to record at my house. The instance is a good example of a mixture of this. Scott records on what sounds like, to me, a actual mic whereas randy calls in via skype. It’s difficult to say why but I guess headset’s have a certain metallic “hiss” that I hear while listening with headphones on.

In any case! We’re going to be buying Pop-Filters from zzounds. I’m a big fan of them. They’re based out of NJ so shipping to me is quite fast. Their customer service is pretty decent when I’ve had to use them. To be honest I value that a lot. So, the pop filter is nice but we also have a nasty tendency to wave our arms around like say, someone who comes up for air after jumping into freezing cold water not realizing it was. So we need to get shock-mounts. I’m not sure what shockmounts that are out there that fit my mic’s so that might be a backseat thing. I use some pretty cheap Samsun R21’s but they work for just voice recording.

In a professional setting I would suggest other mic’s. A Shure SM58 as a do it all type of mic. Most bands use this mic for recording and i’ve seen a WEALTH of live venue’s have this as their mic. It tends to pic up many ranges of sounds. It’s also like a Marshall Amp in that you can beat it up and it will still keep on ticking. The more professional companies see: companies who want to spend money would probably be looking at a Neumann Mic or higher end Shure Mic’s.

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