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What ever happened to Mike Tyson in Punchout?

The wonderkid and I talked about this a little on the podcast, or was it the after podcast party? Anyways, here’s what I found from wikipedia. Seems like convinent timing of all this to go down but if it’s written is it true!?!?!?!?!?!

Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream

Towards the end of the NES’s run, Nintendo’s license to use Mike Tyson as a special Punch-Out!! character expired. Therefore, Nintendo replaced Tyson with a fictional character based on a then-Nintendo tournament champion, Mr. Dream. A popular myth is that Tyson was removed due to his divorce from actress Robin Givens[3], and his conviction for rape, which did not occur until a year after the changeover. It is also believed by some[who?] that because Tyson lost the Heavyweight Championship to James “Buster” Douglas by the contract expiration, Nintendo made no attempt to negotiate a new one with him.[citation needed] In August, 1990, the game was re-released simply as Punch-Out!! (or Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream according to Nintendo Power) only in North America. This version has become the “official” incarnation of the NES Punch-Out!!

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