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The Horror Corner – Resident Evil Afterlife

So now we’re on our 4th Resident Evil movie….already?!? Yes peoples, the love-hate relationship continues with the geek masses out there. As in they love to hate these flicks. I don’t fall into that camp. I like them for what they are, mindless popcorn entertainment with some really cool action thrown in for good measure. I don’t go in expecting the Godfather over here. I guess some cats are pissed that these movies involve horror elements, but they’re really action flix…..and said cats want horror.

As far as the games are concerned, Resident Evil hasn’t really been scary since part 3 and/or Code:Veronica. I’ve seen reviews that knock the story, or lack thereof. But really, can someone explain to me one of the fuckin Resident Evil storylines and keep a straight face?? I love those games, but those stories are about as wacky and nonsensical as can be. So fellow geeks, please don’t sit there all high and mighty and expect the movies to fix that problem. What the movies have done though, is take elements from the games and weave them into it’s own, entity, if you will.

So here we have the story of Alice, played by the very fine Milla Jovovich, continuing where the last movie left off. She was the Umbrella experiment that fought back….and wants to get revenge on the corporation that’s killed most of the world with their zombie infection. Exhilarating action opens the flick as she rolls through with her clone army that they teased from the last flick. Albert Wesker showing up as public enemy no. 1, makes sure things don’t go smoothly. A series of other things happen, blah blah blah, then Alice goes to find her friends from before, comes across a new set of survivors locked in an office building. Eventually shit hits the fan. There’s a big battle, another cliffhanger confirming another sequel and it’s all gravy. Sure there’s story, but it’s light…..and that’s okay. The movie was fun.

This one take elements straight out of RE5, continuing the meld of game with their own movie. Special effects were good, the 3D was better, all around a good package for dumb entertainment with some okay zombie stuff in the soup. The 1st RE movie is semi-respected in some circles, 2nd is well hated(not by me though), the 3rd brought some of that semi-respect back…..I’d say this movie ranks with the 3rd flick in quality. Overall, it’s fun, looks good, and has some slick action sequences. Works for me.

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Fan-Made Feature Length Zelda Movie… whaaat?

So a group of people got together and made their own independent film based on the Zelda games, called “The Hero of Time.” And it’s almost 2 hours long. Insane, right? This takes cosplay to a whole new level.

I can’t figure out how to embed the darn thing here, so you’ll just have to click the link. LINK! Get it!


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Lego Spinal Tap! These go to 11…

These are SO GOOD! Two of the best scenes in This is Spinal Tap, done in Lego stop-motion.

Nigel’s guitar room:

And, my all-time favorite scene of the film… Nigel’s “Mach” piece:

Well done.

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22nd Podcast!

We talk about more Killzone 2, Splosion Manboy?, Ps3 price cuts, Mothership Zeta, Xbox Modding, Spinal Tap Rock Band DLC, New Releases, The GI Joe Movie, Top 5 bosses and Top 5 Characters, Join us for the 22nd podcast!

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Friday Night Horror Corner: The Keep

Fiends, Slayers, and mummy men, lend me your fears. For tonight we delve into the darkness and the abyss. This movie is not so much terrifying and horrific, but more suspenseful and thought provoking. Who is enemy and who is friend, and how do you tell the difference. It won’t give you nightmares for years to come but it will entertain you and maybe make you jump a little here and there. So tonight I bring to you a movie from my own collection of favorites. The Keep, directed by Michael Mann, the man who brought you The Last of the Mohicans, Miami Vice, Hancock, and Public Enemies (the new Johnny Dep film). The movies musical score is written by non other than 80’s musical sensation Tangerine Dream and stars Gabriel Byrne, Jürgen Prochnow, Scott Glenn, and none other than the white wizard himself SIR Ian McKellen. Although chock full of amazing actors and a pretty solid plot this movie was battered at the box office because of its Supernatural twist. Had this movie come out 4 years later it would have been an absolute SMASH hit.

The story centers around a platoon of WWII Nazis in Romania looking to occupy an old Castle Keep to protect a small mountain pass from advancing Russians. However when they arrive at the keep the greed of the German soldiers awakens something evil and dark. A couple soldiers get capped and the evil wakens fully the SS show up and bring in a Jewish scientist. Jewish scientist helps them… Look I can’t really give away too much more of this film because let’s face it; most of these movies are pretty low on plot anyways. Oh and before you say jeesh zombieboi what’s the fascination with Nazis. I assure you it’s not a thing with zombies it’s a thing with war. War is intrinsically fascinating to me but that has nothing to do with what’s going on here.

My suggestion, grab a pizza, a sixer, and a lady and watch this movie. It’s not scary enough to put a chick under the couch, but it’s just scary enough to give her the willies. At the end of the movie offer to escort her home to keep her safe from the evil lurking in the dark.

A good beer for this movie would be a Hefeweizen from Stoudts brewery, although I guess any hefe would work.

Alright freaks and geeks ill see you all next friday

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10th Podcast

Wii love jason statham. Wii love lego batman. Madworld Wii like less. Wii talk about ….duh duh duh the wii! Lost crops up some in there too. Listen to the 10th podcast!

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OMG, LOTR finally on Blu-ray!…wait, theatrical?!?

I dunno how the J-Man feels about the Lord Of The Rings films, I think he’s read the books….but I, LOVE, these films….and even better, the extended editions of these films. But man, we’re only gonna get the theatrical cuts right now? High definition on disc(HDDVD/Bluray) made it’s debut in ’06, and we HD fans have been waiting for this announcement ever since….but I might have to hold off till the EE versions are announced, 70$ is alot of scratch for some flix I’ll probably buy again in extended form 😦

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