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31st Podcast

Some indepth discussion of…TROPICO. A game similar to RailRoad Tycoon due to using the same engine. Squeeeee. We also talk Army of Two, Sim City 4, The DSI getting a bigger and needed screen size increase, The PS3 getting netflix, A Crazy from the Netherlands who blamed silent hill for a crime? New Video game releases AND Boondock Saints 2? Really?  Surprises abound in the 31st_podcast

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Netflix streaming finally coming to PS3

For those that care that is… the looks of it, alot of you out there really do. Me, I always thought it was a cool option when it came to the 360, but as far as actually using it….meh…I prefer to BMI my stuff, or buy the BluRays. But on the real, it’s good to see it come to other platforms, and also gives us another cool thing to do on our expensive consoles. Some info from 1up….

“The service will arrive on the Sony console next month and will be free to PS3 owners who already subscribe to Netflix (or $8.99 a month for those who don’t) — and unlike on the Xbox 360, people will not be required to pay the equivalent of the yearly $50 Xbox Live Gold membership to access it.”

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