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GBU game review for Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3)

Proving that 3rd party exclusives are hardly exclusive anymore, an updated version of the then exclusive Xbox360 game, Ninja Gaiden II(notice that ‘Only on Xbox360’ badge?), was announced this past E3 for the PS3, in Sigma form. Meaning there will probably be updated levels, weapons, modes, etc. Ninja Gaiden came out for the Xbox1 back in ’04, then remade as Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3’s launch in 06′ with those mentioned enhancements.

The Good – Awesome, fast paced hack-n-slash gameplay that really rewards the player for learning it’s deep combo system, button mashers beware, this game will not forgive amateurs. Deep upgrade system for weapons and powers. Beautiful 1080p graphics that run at a silky smooth 60 frames per second, sure it’s an update to a last gen game, but man is it pleasing to the eye.

The Bad – Notorious for it’s brutal difficulty level, I’m not kidding, I’m sure this game was the cause for many broken xbox controllers 5yrs ago. As I stated in the good, if you learn the system you can get through it, till I got near the end, my PS3 controller almost took flight! So I had to quit. Storyline is typical japanese style action fantasy, which means it doesn’t make much sense. First you’re fighting on a zeppellin, then in a casino, then underground against a dinosaur skeleton, wait, how’d we get here again? LOL

The Ugly – The boobie physics of the main female character, seriously, they don’t stop swaying or jiggling, it’s just weird.

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