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E3 2010 -Nintendo 3DS

Gee, guess what Nintendo showed off? Their big announcement, if the above image wasn’t obvious, the 3DS. This should be able to play all your old DS games, as the touch screen is still there, and dual screens of course. The big difference is the top screen, it’s in 3D without glasses. There’s a slider control to adjust the 3D effect, or to turn it off. There’s an analog nub in addition to the d-pad for extra control. There’s dual camera lenses on the back, presumably to take 3D pics. And what really hasn’t been touted, the graphical fidelity seems to be bumped up way significantly. Games are looking like PS2 quality now. Some even better. Also, 3D hollywood movies will be available for it.  Should be interesting. Price and release date deets haven’t been revealed yet.

Kid Icarus Uprising

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D and Resident Evil Revelations screenshots from Nintendo’s E3 site.

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