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GBU for E3 2009 (So far!)*

*-This just a play on our usually weekly game review posts, Jamie and I are quite serious about our games, but we can also be goofs too. This is all in good fun and is only semi-serious on my opinions on things :-p

The Good – OMG, full body motion detection camera from Microsoft! Puts you in the game, Matrix here I come! I can’t wait to hang with Milo. Splinter Cell Conviction exclusive to 360, sweet. Metal Gear Solid series comes to the xbox platform once again. PSP Go! looks cool. God of War III, whoohoo!  DJ Hero, my dreams finally come true in console form. Team Ico brings me “The Last Guardian”, yeah baby! New Super Mario Bros. 4 Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, hello, the kid in me is taking over!

The Bad – Awesome looking PS3 exclusives God of War III and Heavy Rain don’t come out till next year? Man are you serious?!? More like PSP Go Home! Hey Microsoft, how bout an idea of when I can get this ‘Project Natal’, and how much? Nintendo, you make me wet my pants with the Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer, and tell me I can’t get it till next year? Are you just begging me to sell my Wii?? Oh yeah, how bout 17 more Guitar Heros while we’re at it Activision? New Tony Hawk with a board? cuz I just want more peripheral junk in my house!

The Ugly – Project Natal will make me physically tired of using the 360 interface….Wii Vitality wants to check my heart rate, how bout this-beeeeeeeep….Oh yeah, nice Sony, way to show a lame lookin prototype to motion control, it’s like the Wiimote and Project Natal had a really lame baby.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2

The guys over at Giant Bomb got a hold of the Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer. I’m loving the addition of Yoshi to the game. I loved it in the SNES mario and I’ll love it again. The game still looks worringly dizzy at times. hehe. Boom. BOOOOM.

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New Super Mario Brothers Wii

Ok, so youtubes got a video up of the New Super Mario Brothers Wii Game. Straight from E3!

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Wii Vitality Sensor

Hm. So, we’re guessing this Wii Vitality Sensor goes with the Wii Fit and will measure heart rates and works with how you exercise. I think there are already systems out there that do this stuff but the cross over to video games is definitly a first. I dont know if I believe this playing basketball business but maybe?

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New Mario Brothers for the Wii!

Straight from e3, Nintendo has announced a new mario!Call DUH DUH DUH “New Super Mario Bros” In 4d? what is 4d? I know of a british music label 4d? Or was that 4ad..4 player co-op that side scrolls. You hold the wii mode to the side ala the old nintendo style! Bewm. I’m so buying this for me an’ baby girl! Pictures/Screen Shots come from kotaku’s live feed.


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What ever happened to Mike Tyson in Punchout?

The wonderkid and I talked about this a little on the podcast, or was it the after podcast party? Anyways, here’s what I found from wikipedia. Seems like convinent timing of all this to go down but if it’s written is it true!?!?!?!?!?!

Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream

Towards the end of the NES’s run, Nintendo’s license to use Mike Tyson as a special Punch-Out!! character expired. Therefore, Nintendo replaced Tyson with a fictional character based on a then-Nintendo tournament champion, Mr. Dream. A popular myth is that Tyson was removed due to his divorce from actress Robin Givens[3], and his conviction for rape, which did not occur until a year after the changeover. It is also believed by some[who?] that because Tyson lost the Heavyweight Championship to James “Buster” Douglas by the contract expiration, Nintendo made no attempt to negotiate a new one with him.[citation needed] In August, 1990, the game was re-released simply as Punch-Out!! (or Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream according to Nintendo Power) only in North America. This version has become the “official” incarnation of the NES Punch-Out!!

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GBU for Little Big Planet (PS3)

Little Big Planet (Ps3)

Little Big Planet (PS3)

The Good – Fun, ol skool style, side scrolling platformer.  Oozes with so much charm that you’d think Nintendo was behind it. Huge variety in levels within the single player game, covering many themes and objectives. High level of quality in the graphics department, from the cuteness of your character(to which you can have him or her in many styles ) , to the wild and quirky feel of the levels. Co-op gameplay, when’s that ever bad? Huge online component in that you can create your own levels, or just get lost for hours playing the creations of others, there are some surprisingly high quality levels out there.

The Bad – While the gameplay is pretty easy, it’s not strictly 2D, there’s a 3 plane system(background,midground,foreground) that might confuse some at first. At times, controls can be a bit floaty leading to inaccurate jumps, if you’ve played enough Mario or Sonic games, you’ll know what I mean(about the missed jumps :-p). If you’re having internet troubles, the game can be laggy since it’s constantly online(probably keeping prepared for a buddy to join anytime.)

The Ugly – Whenever you have a game with user-generated content, what’s the 1st thing you’re gonna see? Levels and such featuring characters we already know….what’s ugly? Sony having to moderate and remove these due to copyright concerns. I know it’s legal mumbo jumbo that has to be, but it sux 😦

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GBU for Super Paper Mario

So I didn’t quite finish the game. I got about 8 hours in and am over 1/2 of the game. Take this with a grain of salt as you should with all our reviews. Point blank, I reached a few parts that turned me off to the gameplay. I’ll come back another day. But, Overall it was a fun experience. Here’s the GBU

Good: The games move to 3d is so unique and to me, quite fun. It causes some out of the box thinking or, looking at clips of if on youtube because you cant figure out what to do. The graphic’s look awesome and make you actually forget you’re watching in composite of 480 if you can use those component cables. Game play is simple you use the 1 and 2 buttons exclusively. The “wii motion” is when you do a jump move on a bad guy giving more points. It’s called a Style move in game. Elements of the 2nd Paper Mario appear here as other characters appear on the screen. It’s cute. The new character Tippi is cool because she can reveal parts of the screen you dont normally see. Adding another level of game play. She’s not put to much use though. Your party consists of the bigger Mario characters like Bowser and Peach with their own moves.

Bad: You know the saying if it aeint broke dont fix it? It’s put to use here. They changed this game from it’s previous entry. It’s exclusive side scrolling whereas before you could move at a tilted angle. I’m sure this is due to the inclusion/limitation of adding 3-d. Still. The battle scenes are completely gone. Now you’re left jumping on dragons. Weeeeeee. There are good save points, a little “S” box at various points in the level. However when you die, you go back to the loading screen where the game starts up only to go back through the loading process. Why not just restart me at the beginning. I think this was in the earlier one. The menu’s are awful, the Cooking recipes are useless and what is the point of a “card” in game. I can see how much the goomba attacks for? really? Thanks.

Ugly. The walls of Text. You can see them in the link’s I posted. I hesitated to put this in the ugly or just bad. The text is humorous and will certainly be a bonus to many. To me I was enjoying the gameplay (3-d Mentioned before)so much that it changed the pace too much for my liking.

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12th Podcast!

Join us as we talk a lot about Paper Mario, Lego Batman, Wolverine, Mad World, Virtual Console Stuff, Taco Bell, Patalios, and yes we talk more lost! Check out the 12th Podcast!

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11th Podcast!

YOOO. join us for the 11th podcast where we butt heads and have uncomfortable silences. KIDDDDDDDING. Is this what we get for mentioning Bad luck? Check out the 11th_podcast

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Coming from the ‘surprising no one department’…

…it seems that Wii Sports Resort(which comes with 1 WMP) and the Wii Motion Plus are high up on the amazon charts. Nintendo is just raking it in like some industry pimps…so we finally get the device that makes the Wii do what it originally promised. Ya know, as much as I wanna put a negative spin on it, I can’t…we already know the device is overpriced, but I’m probably gonna be a toolbag and scoop myself a copy when it drops.  Hey, maybe we’ll finally get a real lightsaber game…don’t front people, that was the 1st thought in everyone’s head when we saw the wiimote was a wand device 😉

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Nintendo, gimmie some love….

I guess nintendo has something to say otherwise they wouldn’t really do a keynote address. Can we get another Wii-music? Mother f’r said ice cream. It’s a played out rant, the whole nintendo has nothing for “hardcore” gamers so I wont go there. How about just some games we can play? I dont NEED another halo or gears or WoW. How about a game I actually will enjoy playing. Maybe they’ll announced a new Zelda though I wasen’t a fan of twilight princess the little I played of it. It’s still 49.99 which I find laughable for a game as old as it is.

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