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When is Hard Mode too Hard?

I could insert some silly peen joke here –  this is a gamer blog afterall it goes with the “I don’t get laid ever I live in a basement who are people what is a social life who has conversations lord of the rings star trek O M G” way of things – but I won’t. I’m just not capable of that kind of humor this morning.

So my fellow nerdlings there’s a couple of things in my life, much as I’m sure you realize in your own, that do not change but suck and sucks in a big way. Like this!!!

They are as follows..

1. Most Family is fucking insane.
2. Family are really fucking insane.
3. Especially in-laws. Ones that contribute to the ruin and demise of all that was once good in me.
4. That I’m not moving to Austin in the foreseeable future.  Fuck in-laws.
5. Everyone hates their jobs.
6. People who smack their gum and then pop it fucking suck.
7. Mario and Zelda Water boards are like going on a waterboarding holiday in Cuba
8. Some Hard Modes are too damn hard.

Lets take for example WARCRAFT…3. Anyone who knows me would shake their head right now at my … because they would be expecting that I’m playing World of Warcraft. And they should because CATA IS ON THE HORIZON AND THE GOBLINS AND WORGEN ARE SO OMG. But i’m not! See! Progress! Hennyways I re-installed Warcraft 3 yesterday, looked up cheat codes and I was a-w-a-y right?


Say hello to my little friend called HARD MODE. Hello hard mode. Fuck you. See that list up there? I hate you almost as much as I hate my soon to be in-laws who contribute not only to my continual ever increasing pile of smeg but, they are by and large the reason for #4, and hell I’ll just blame them for #5 too even though I don’t truly hate my job.  So..there’s a lot of hate going round and Mr. Hard Mode you’re up there. I got completely pummeled.  It was almost just like my fun times in Starcraft multiplayer where I give up one hour of my life so, some 12 year old neckbeard can actually feel like he’s superior at something instead of the nothingness that is their life.
I wont explain why I lost, mostly because I don’t have an answer and if I did wouldn’t I have done it right?  There is one simple solution. Switch to normal. Problem is…see…I’m not normal. In fact quite abnormal. And you’re nodding. I can see it through the computer screen.  See. This is me.

Anyhow, this was my weekend: Staring down hard modes that I normally never do because I wanted to be extra sadistic to myself this weekend. How about you? Are you normal, or hard mode?

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