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World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Commercial

Ok ok. So this is not gaming per se but, I find this funny. Many wow has just blown up on such a epic scale. The commerical features two girls, one of which turns into a MALE ORC? Ouch. Yeah, I was a pre-op orc in the wow commercial and had surgery IN LINE. Was that going too far in graphic detail? The Night elf totally ends up totally getting the last jab in before the commerical ends with a lazor beam from her staff. That’s not really in game but, lazor beams and night elfs mean MOONKINS. YAY druids.

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New Ride from Orgimmar to Thunder bluff (5 years too late)

Blizzard announced a much anticipated change (kidding). There will now be a round-trip ride from Orgimmar to Thunder Bluff. This was a pain for any Tauren who start leveling in the Mulgore area, which contains Thunder Bluff to get to any of the quests out of Orgimmar. It was easily a 10-15 minute run (felt like 15 years) and a giant pain early on. And yeah, I’d do that damn run to Org then hearth back to my inn in Mulgore and not actually get the flight path making me have to do that run all over again.Exact words from Blizzard Below.

“The Zephyr is getting set to transport players between Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff in an upcoming patch.”

Beep Beep Im a zeppelin

Beep Beep I'm a zeppelin

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