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Gamescom 2010 – PS3 Trailers!

What the hell is Gamescom anyway?? According to the wiki, it sounds like a European E3 of sorts that started a couple years ago. We probably posted stuff from it last year….can’t live in the past man! Haha, anyways, some new stuff on the PS3 front.

Resistance 3 live action trailer. Hmmm. Taking a cue from those live action Halo spots are we?? Ehh, who cares. I’m in the ‘loooove Resistance 1’ camp, part 2….not so much(did I review that? I better jump on it). Hopefully 3 brings me back around.

New Ratchet & Clank trailer. I love those games, I really do….the last game was awesome, it just doesn’t have that compelling aspect to make me wanna finish it right away. What I’m saying is that I wanna finish it before this comes out….and what I’m also saying is-*screech* ooh, 4-player online co-op!

Another InFAMOUS 2  trailer, cool. The first game had some real promise, but janky battle/enemy design kept me from loving it. Let’s hope the sequel rights all the wrongs.

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E3 2010 – What do you want to see? Double R’s Thoughts

Hey kiddo’s, it’s that time of year again. The time where our geeky selves get a taste of what’s on the way in the gaming world. The time where we get all giddy and squeal over cool trailers and the possibility of good games and stuff that should hopefully come out soon. Or get disappointed by it….Wii Music anyone? Ok, sorry Nintendo, that was cheap of me….but seriously….Wii Music?!? WTF were yall thinkin?!? You guys made up for it with Mario Galaxy 2 though, I’m lovin it 🙂 And on the honest side, it’s rare that I get disappointed by something I was blown away by at an E3. Now let’s see, what do I hope is gonna make a showing? Or not. I’m gonna stick to the big 3 on this. Off the domepiece 🙂

+ Halo Reach baby! Sure, multiplayer is cool for cats that are into it, but I wanna see some of that campaign. Since it’s supposed to be out in the fall, I don’t think an awesome trailer is outta the question.
+ Gears of War 3. This ain’t due till April of next year, but give us a taste MS. For realz.
+ Fable III. Yeah, I know I gotta get on part 2 and finish that jawn. But the possibilities of being a king and affecting the world around you, depending on your rule style? Should be interesting.
– Project Natal. Yeah, we’ve went over the cool possibilities of this, so far, unnamed, contraption. But I’m really not interested. After being burned by the Wii, I just don’t give a damn about motion control stuff too much. Besides, I don’t have the space to jump around my room just to do something a button press can accomplish…..Make me eat my words MS.

+ The Last Guardian. We’ve put up trailers and all that good stuff….just don’t know when it’s due. I’m praying for a fall release, c’mon Sony. Make it happen!…Or take your time till it’s right, I don’t want a broken game LOL.
+ Killzone 3. This just got announced. Won’t drop till next year, but I loved 2. It has it’s flaws though. Hopefully 3 is a smoother experience.
+ A new Jak & Daxter. This is just outta thin air, not even a hint if it’s being made, but those games were awesome on the PS2. The guys behind the awesome Uncharted games made them, so c’mon. Take what you learned there, and apply it here, should be good.
– Playstation Move. Like the Wii, but supposed to be better. See above. I know you guys want some of that soccer mom/senior citizen money that Nintendo gets, but stick to what you’re good at. Motion controls?…..zzzzzzz

+ New Zelda. Show me something that’s gonna excite me. I know I’m in the minority here, but the 3d Zelda’s just don’t do it for me….and Twilight Princess? Puts me to sleep man. I’m hoping for something awesome.
+ New console. No I don’t want a new Microsoft or Sony system yet. But Nintendo? Just gimme something that smooths out jaggies and displays in HD. Mario Galaxy 2 looks great, but it can look AMAZING. And make sure it’s cheap too!
– Vitality sensor? Add that to the list of peripherals I don’t care about. Who knows. Maybe they’ll do something cool with it *snicker*

3rd Party Stuff
+ Dead Space 2. I loved the first game. It looked gorgeous, sounded incredible, and really brought the creeps.
+ New Silent Hill. Konami announced a part 2 reboot. I guess sort of like they did with the last game. Which I thought kinda sucked…but this one’s in another developer’s hands. I’m hoping for the best.
+ Rock Band 3. I used to be nuts about the music genre. But the endless Guitar Heros and band specific games just made it boring. Maybe Harmonix will give us something to be excited about again….and I can dust off my plastic guitars 🙂

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The Last Guardian TGS 09 Trailer

Damn….I want this….

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Sony @ TGS 2009

If you anybody keeps up on the big boy game blogs like we do, yall would know that the Tokyo Game Show is going on right now. And as usual there’s some big announcements, while we probably won’t be going nuts on it the way we did for E3, there’s some cool things worth mentioning.

First, a special Final Fantasy XIII themed PS3 with a 250GB hard drive. Sure, the game is coming out for both the PS3 and Xbox360, but I think FF fans always associated the series with the Playstation brand, after FF7 of course. Shipping 12/17 in Japan, no word on if it’ll hit here stateside.

Motion Controller updates. Looks like it’s coming Spring 2010. Not only new games will be utilizing the new tech, but a bunch of older games will be patched with motion control enhancements. Games like Little Big Planet and Resident Evil 5 for example. If handled right, I think this can be a cool peripheral. While not the be all end all interface it is on the Wii, which I never thought was a good idea(and with the amount of time we put into the Wii, proves that correct), it does make for a cool option once in awhile. Not only do you have physical feedback(something that worries me about Natal), but in combination with the Playstation camera(Eye), the interface knows where you are in 3D space. It could lead to some unique gaming experiences….now let’s hope the price is right.

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God Of War Collection comes with the God Of War III demo!

Can I get a hell yeah?! Reading on joystiq, it was confirmed by Sony that the God Of War Collection will include a download voucher for the GoWIII demo they showed at E3, so Kratos’ Krackheads like myself will get a taste of the new sequel early. We reported on this a few podcasts back, it was only a rumor that the demo would come with the Collection disc, then shot down, covering their butts in case in couldn’t happen I guess, and now it’s back on for realz. Can’t wait to get the taste as well as play through the first two games again in HD glory. I almost fired up the PS2 recently, after gettin hyped watching Clash of the Gods on the History Channel, just to play my old copies. I think greek mythology is very cool, and the GoW games throw you right in the middle of these stories, so watching that program gave me the Kratos itch……but I think I can hold off till Nov. 10th, when the God Of War Collection ships. 🙂

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GBU Game Review for God Of War 1 & 2 (PS2)

In honor of these incredible games coming to the PS3 in updated form later this year, here’s how they stick out in my mind. I’m just gonna lump them together since it’s a continuing story and whatever can be said about part 1, can be said about part 2, obviously with bigger and better additions. Each one gets a 9/10 from me.

The Good – If you like hack-n-slash third person adventures of the triple A variety, look no further than this series. First, the story is captivating, channeling greek god myths and the like to get it’s narrative across, told through excellent CG cutscenes as well as in-game cutscenes, what’s here is compelling from beginning to end. You play as Kratos, the most bad ass of the spartans, seeking revenge on the God of War, fighting greek gods and monsters along the way, eventually becoming the God Of War yourself, but oh no, the quest is quite finished yet, hence the sequel and the eventual GoWIII. Top notch PS2 graphics spawn great looking characters, enemies, environments and so on….when part 2 came out, I thought, OK, it looks like part 1, no biggie since it looked great, but switching back and forth really showed how much better 2 looked. More enemies onscreen, more detail and levels that are incredibly huge and epic, so much so that in some areas the camera pulls away revealing everything and Kratos becomes but a spot on the screen, it was breathtaking at the time(especially for the PS2). Great audio, orchestral theatrical quality music doesn’t get old and really pumps you up during battles, voice acting is also great and convincing and adds alot to the storytelling.  And what keeps a homie coming back, the awesome gameplay…there’s only a few examples of games that actually make you feel bad ass with little effort, this being one of them of course, the level of violence on the deserving enemies just cement that fact. The fighting is combo based, but it’s just so easy to go in and start wreckin shop, that’s not to say that it’s a straight button masher, but the games won’t shrug you off if you’re new to it, and it’s incredibly rewarding if you take the time to learn some of the stuff, basically there’s plenty here for noobs, and plenty for the experts. Some level puzzles help to break up the action and keeps things fresh so you don’t burn out with too much fighting. Weapons upgrade system that makes you work for it but also opens up more and more moves as you move along. Magic attacks (can be upgraded as well) mixes in seamlessly with the fighting adding to your ass kicking repertoire. Some quick time events, mainly during boss battles, hardly ever get in the way and they reward you with health and such sometimes, they also add to the bad assness sometimes(tap a button to continually slam a door on someone’s head? HELL YEAH!). Can you tell I really love these games? 🙂

The Bad – There’s not much I can really say in this category, but for review’s sake, I’ll nitpick a little. Quick time events, you either love em or hate em, or like me, don’t mind much as long as they don’t get in the way. As mentioned, GoW has em. Difficulty isn’t an issue, if it is, the game takes note and offers to go to easy mode for you, though if you can’t figure out a puzzle, difficulty setting doesn’t make a difference and to the internets you go. Part 1 could’ve been a bit longer(took me like 8hrs my 1st time through), but part 2 fixes that(took me like 20hrs my 1st time through). There’s no camera control, but you don’t really need it, the games are smart about where to angle the views, keeping things cinematic without hampering the gameplay, but I’ll catch myself hitting the right stick sometimes out of habit.

The Ugly – Medusas, check….Ogres, check….Hydras, check…most of these greek mythology monsters aren’t pretty, that’s for sure.

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PS3 Slim/Price Cut Semi-Confirmed *update* Make That Confirmed!

This has probably been one of the worst kept secrets of the industry of the last few years (internet sez hi). On Destructoid there’s a post that links to K-Mart’s website teasing the PS3 Slim with a lower price. Also mentioned is that it’s shipping with a 120GB hard drive on August 24th, possibly at $299.99. Sony has some event scheduled today at 12:30pm eastern, this is probably when they’ll announce it. I look forward to seeing if the Slim design is the one we’ve been seeing for months on the big boy game blogs.


So yeah, check out any of the blogs and it’s there, $299 and the Slim(w/120GB HDD) dropping the 1st week in Sept.  Check out the Joystiq gallery for hi-rez pics.

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Xbox Live rumor…will the real V.I.P.s please stand up?

I just came across this article via It details some interesting features that I’m sure will be welcome to the current service, online storage and game invites to the silver cats are some. I say current cuz it’s not something I’m willing to pay extra for, especially since I hardly online multiplay anyway. 50 bux a year ain’t bad for a reliable service that’s fully integrated into all 360 games…but honestly I’d rather that money go to another game a year, especially in these crazy economic times. Sure the PSN(playstation network) is nowhere near as good as xbox live, but it’s free and gets the job done in the rare case that I wanna hop online against other cats. It’s not like Live was never without it’s troubles. I just think if microsoft adds these types of features to the current gold service, they can continue to be the king of online console gaming, and that’s cool with me.

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