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E3 2010 Kickoff-Project Natal renamed Kinect

If anything, Sony kicked things off days ago with trailers for some of their upcoming games. But on the official tip, Microsoft got down and dirty to promote their ‘camera that makes body a controller’ device, the then Project Natal, now officially called Kinect. Man, MS is promoting this as a family device, hard. Joystiq has all the inital details. What may be coming soon, that rumored 360 slim, it looks to be true, waiting on better pics and stuff though. Kinect on the other hand, should be out this November.

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Rumor, Xbox360 getting 1 terabyte hard drive?

Whoowee, I hope so, and for the love of gaming, please be affordable! has an article up that says an analyst is predicting the release of the drive when Project Natal ships. Though I hope it were sooner, it only makes sense now that Microsoft will soon be offering full 360 games to buy straight off the Xbox Live Marketplace. Add to that, 1080p video rentals as well….not only is that old 20GB drive rendered useless, but the 60GB as well…and the 120GB will only fill up fast. I’ve been bellyaching about what Microsoft does as far as hard drive prices for a long time now….I mean, c’mon, 150$ for a 120GB drive, when I just bought a 1 terabyte external drive for my pc for less than 100bux! Let’s hope for some good news soon.

1 Terabyte? I can haz it?

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That new Xbox360? Bloody Likely After All!*sigh*[Update]grrr

Mad props to Kotaku, always quick to report on the movers and shakers in the industry….turns out that rumored new 360 revision(that comes with Natal), is happening after all. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, spoke at the Executive’s Club of Chicago today(whatever that is,rich people alert!), and confirmed it. No straight up details yet.You guys know we’ll be all over it once the deets are out.


So now Microsoft is saying there will be no new console…..well duh! I think it’s pretty safe to say that when Project Natal launches, it’s going to be a 360 device/peripheral/whateveryawannacallit. But chances are they’re gonna push them together as a package as well, whether the 360 gets updated hardware specs, it’ll still be a 360 platform. A’ight, this back and forth is really annoying, so I won’t be reporting on this again till they have something interesting to say about it.

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Project Natal with new Xbox360? Not Bloody Likely!

Gaming news has a tendency of being a bit slow over the weekends(wait, they gotta relax too?).  But that didn’t stop 1up from reporting on a mini whopper of a rumor, that when Project Natal ships, it’ll be the equivalent of a new console launch for Microsoft, shipping with a slightly updated version of the Xbox360. Updated in that games may run in higher resolutions, better framerates, etc, of course those games would have to be programmed to take advantage of the new hardware. Well Microsoft debunked the rumor, I guess. They say Project Natal will work on all 360’s(durr). Of course that doesn’t mean they won’t package the two together and push it as another relaunch of the 360. I say another because when they came out with the NXE(New Xbox Experience) last year, they very much branded it as a relaunch, touting how it was the 1st time that hardware has been refreshed with new software(don’t you just love corporate hype?). I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a slim 360 sometime in the future, hey, how bout when Natal launches *sarcasm* :-p

No new Xbox for you!!

No new Xbox for you!!

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Project Natal Picture

Everyone knows about the announcement at E3 was Project Natal, that spread almost faster than the Keyboard Cat MeME. There is finally a picture up of that.
And it looks like Hal from Space Odyssey but with 3 eyes. Hello Dave.


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Playstation 3 Motion Controller

Looks like Sony also wants to bite into some of Nintendo’s casual market share, today announcing their answer to motion controlling, sorry no cool names like ‘Project Natal’ or dates or pricing, just tech demoing on the E3 floor. Sure their pack in controllers on the PS3 has some motion sensing with the six-axis technology, but it’s nowhere near as intuitive as Nintendo’s Wiimote, or what Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal seems to be. Here’s a little description from the joystiq post on it “The PlayStation Controller will work in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye, which will capture movements of the motion controller for “true one-to-one tracking.” Sony showed off a variety of tech demos for use of the motion controller, including sword swinging fantasy, tank-based third-person shooting, archery, tennis and drawing — all of which are meant only to demonstrate what is possible with the motion controller and is not the final software for the new peripheral (Those looking for a PS Sports title, sorry).” Kotaku posted some news about it as well, check it out.

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More MS Stuffs, Project Natal aka Controllerless Gaming aka…

…Will this really work? This Project Natal? There was all kinds of announcements during the microsoft press conference at E3 today, constantly nipping at the Wii’s heels for some of that casual market money that they’ve gotten through the Wii Motion,and now they showed off their long rumored camera. A full body motion sensing camera, whoa. Check out the youtube vid below for the potential for gaming, as well as some updates to the 360’s system interface that allow you to control it kinda like that OS in Minority Report. Can it really work as well as their showing it off to be? Time will tell. Pricing and release date to be determined.

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