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GBU Game Review for DJ Hero (Xbox360)

Finally, a new hat in the music game genre. Results are generally good, if not difficult, but hey….I couldn’t play Guitar Hero at first either, now I can do consistent 5’s on hard mode. Anyways, some thoughts on whether or not this fulfills my childhood fantasy of being a DJ :-p It’s available on the Xbox360, PS3, PS2 and the Wii. This gets an 8/10 from me.

The Good – DJ music game that comes with a turntable controller. If you’re familiar with Guitar Hero/Rock Band, some things will be a bit familiar. Such as a flowing note chart in which you have to hit the right button to the music to succeed, hoping to get 5 stars by the end of the song. What’s new here, well all of the music are mashups, a combination of 2 tracks premixed and tweaked for a club sound. Not my favorite, but it works and sounds really well in this case. The music spans all types of genres, from hip-hop to dance to rock to pop, there’s bound to be something for everyone. There’s 3 buttons on the turntable,  hit the right one to the tune, sometimes you gotta scratch, and on harder modes, crossfade between tracks. There’s the starpower equivalent, Euphoria, which of course doubles your points for a limited amount of time, and other features that keep you motivated during play. Once you get the hang of things you get the cool sensation of rockin the party and it’s a ton of fun. There’s a ton of mixes, a bunch of unlockables and just an all around fun atmosphere.

The Bad – This just feels like it’ll be harder than GH/RB for some people. Not all the tracks are winners, it would’ve been nice if all the songs were accessible instead of having to unlock them. Getting the hang of crossfading is reeeaaallly tough, luckily I’m not dealing with that yet since I’m stickin with easy mode at the moment. The turntable and crossfader portion are physically a little too close for me, I’m a big dude, adjustable width should’ve been part of the controller design. Find something to lay the controller on, keeping it in your lap can be pretty uncomfortable. I was hoping for a freestyle scratching mode, but nope, deal with the songs included. There’s some lost potential there.

The Ugly – Some of the characters, they’re similar to the Guitar Hero look….we’ve said on the podcast, we like the look of the Rock Band folk a lot more.

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Just Like Losing The Winning Lotto Ticket…

…perusing the blogs I came across this interesting story on Kotaku. We’re big fans of the music genre persuasion round these parts(Rock Band/Guitar Hero). So I found it interesting, Mad Catz, third party manufacturer of usually reasonably priced, ok quality peripherals and such, could’ve got a taste of the Guitar Hero craze. The first game only came out on PS2, the sequel came out for that and the 360 as well, which is when I got into the insanity.

Mad Catz was apparently handling operations that would’ve brought Guitar Hero 1 to the 360, but Konami filed a lawsuit to all parties involved. I can only assume because they had a series from the PS1 days known as Guitar Freaks, another music game with a guitar controller but nowhere near as good as RB/GH. The guys at Mad Catz didn’t wanna deal with this, so they paid 300K to get out of their obligation to avoid headaches I guess. Looks like that Konami suit went away since it’s unheard of these days. Fast forward 5 years and the bucket tons of cash that Guitar Hero has raked in later…..and man….that’s gotta sting.

Sucks to be them :-\

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GBU Game Review for Silent Hill : Shattered Memories (Wii)

Anybody familiar with us knows that I’m a Silent Hill geek of epic proportions. Looking forward to this Wii “re imagining” for so long….pains me…for I just did not love this game. It’s out on Wii now, and soon will be on the PS2 and PSP. My rating, a disheartening 6/10.

The Good – I would’ve given this game a number score lower, but it’s twist ending I felt, was really cool. Okay, first off, the graphics, look really nice for a Wii game. I’m simply not used to high quality textures on wii, but here, things are nicely detailed and still look good close up. Audio is generally pretty sharp and of high quality as well.
There’s a psychological aspect to the game which is new and interesting. Depending on answers you give to questions posed to you, and actions you take, will reshape parts of the game and the looks of some characters. A staple of Silent Hill, when things turn into the “Otherworld”, which was usually a hellish version of where you were before, is now about being cold and encased with ice. The effect happens in realtime and looks impressive.
Lots of wii specific controls might get the wii diehard giddy with excitement(notice I said ‘might’). You carry a flashlight through the whole game, and yup, you guessed it, the wiimote acts as said flashlight. There’s a pretty creative cellphone mechanic that compliments the wiimote nicely as well, phone calls and sounds come through the wiimote speaker adding to the atmosphere. Opening locks, turning things, etc, etc are all done with wii motions in the ways you’d expect them to work. More interesting immersion. Overall, there are a lot of interesting ideas in this game.
Anybody notice I keep saying “interesting”? Hmmmm…

The Bad – The Silent Hill fanboy in me is getting ready to unload in 3…2…1……man, why the hell did they even bother calling this game “Silent Hill”?!? It’s supposed to be a remake/re imagining or whatever and about the only thing that carries over are character names and the most basic premise of the 1st game. SH is all about being scary and giving you a constant feeling of dread, which is almost totally missing in this game, save for maybe 30-40mins(out of maybe 6hrs of play) total that was actually creepy. Good god, could a game be more mundane?
SH always had cool puzzles here and there, here’s what amounts to your average puzzle here…say you’re looking for a key. Oh look, 3 cans sitting over here, shake each one up with the wiimote…*gasp* one jingles, turn it upside down and the key falls out, yay me. Exploration was always a staple, fear of what may be around the corner, music and sounds adding to the fear. Not in this game, it’s quiet…safe, not too much in the way of creepy sounds. Enemies are 100% eliminated in favor of the “Nightmare” sequences.
Now SH isn’t exactly known for good battling mechanics, they were just enough to get you by, and the ‘hey, you can die’ factor adds to the scaryness of it all. So it wasn’t the worst idea that combat is totally thrown out in this game. But with these “nightmare” sequences, which was scary the 1st time I tried it, then the 2nd time after I died….it quickly became one of the most annoying, trying and just plain badly executed functions of a game. Ok, the world changes, monsters come, your only defense is to run…..through a series of doors….which happens to be a maze….and is incredibly easy to continue running in circles….monsters grab you, you have to shake the wiimote in the direction their holding on to shake them off, which doesn’t work right a good third of the time….say you wanna follow the X that’s on the map on your cellphone, which the character pulls up and puts away reaaaallllyy slowly, giving monsters plenty of time to grab you again. Ok, sometimes you find a flare that keeps the monsters at bay, you can’t hold the flare and check your map at the same time. Sometimes there’s things you can knock over to slow monsters down, problem is, they slow YOU down more than anything. There’s probably half a dozen or so of these sequences throughout the game, they’re all pretty much the same….and for the most part, if you couldn’t tell by my enthusiasm, THEY BREAK THE GAME.
The storyline, while interesting, doesn’t hold a candle to the original or any other one after….it’s simplified beyond belief. Once you’re done and over the cool twist ending, you realize the supernatural aspect of everything is pretty much non existant. It kills me how unSilent Hill this game is. It’s a shame too, because there’s alot of good ideas at play here, just whatever happens to be bad….is REALLY bad.

The Ugly – The b**chin that went on in my room as I died like 10x on the 2nd nightmare sequence….you eventually get the hang of it, but they still suck.

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PS2 emulation coming to PS3, we told ya!

Problem is, we don’t know when yet. Joystiq and Kotaku reported that a patent has been unconvered that Sony filed, in which the PS3 can emulate the functions of the PS2 CPU. Hopefully this will be for full backwards-compatibility, and maybe throwing some of those PS2 classics on the PSN. We’ll let you know when we know more.

PS2 emulation? I can haz it?

PS2 emulation? I can haz it?

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For kicks, GBU for my new PS3(in comparison to my old one)

A’ight, I promised to keep you guys updated on where I stand in PS3 land. A friend put it quite simply to me, “I don’t see getting a new PS3 as a waste of money, you use it for like everything Rich”. Which was true and sold me, I was planning on a xbox360 elite system, but that’ll have to wait since I can still play 360 games, with PS3, it’s the blu-ray that was killing me, I haven’t bought regular dvds in over 2yrs, I’m all hi-def baby! And with over 100 blu-rays, what can I say? I had the original 60gig model that came out, now I have the current 80gig model.

The Good – This newer revision is much lighter, like half the weight of the original machine. I almost flung it outta the box since I was expecting to pick up something heavy. Doesn’t run as hot as the old machine, the old machine wasn’t any crazier than a PC, but this new one runs cooler. Quieter, when the old one got hot, fans kicked in full speed, not as bad as 360 noise, but still noticable, after being on for 8hrs downloading my previously purchased games off PSN, comfortable sound levels with the new one. Comes with the Dual Shock 3 controller, where the other one came with the regular Sixaxis that didn’t have rumble(due to legal reasons)….not a deal breaker, but I like my rumble. Hard drive is slightly easier to change out.

The Bad – Umm, hello? PS2 backwards compatibility?!? Why’d you take it out?!? The old machine had it and upscaled the games to 1080p. Come on Sony, sure I bought the PS3 for PS3 games, but it’s nice not having to hook up another machine when I wanna fire up a classic, plus you guys pushed the whole BC thing in the beginning, “oh you can play your entire playstation library blah blah blah.” Only 2 USB ports instead of 4, sure 90% of the time I don’t need more than 2, it’s nice having that flexibility though…and what if you got all the old Rock Band peripherals and stuff, where everything is wired? Kinda sux. It was nice having memory stick/sd/etc slots on the front of the machine, not necessary, but cool if I wanted to go back and forth from a memory stick directly to my PSP, or a digital camera.

The UglyThe reason why I’m here in the 1st place(wish I had that extended warranty like I have now). Sure it’s nice that the PS3 failure rate is low enough that people online can’t really figure out what my problem was….but damn, it was an ugly night when it happened.

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Slow news week

We’ve resorted to posting the NPD Group’s Video Game System sales numbers.

Nintendo DS – 1.04 million
Nintendo Wii – 340,000
Xbox 360 – 175,000
PlayStation 2 – 172,000
PlayStation 3 – 127,000
PlayStation Portable – 116,000

and the more utterly insane stats of top selling Games. Pokemon? Are you SERIOUS. What is this 98? C’mon now people.

Wii Fit (Nintendo) – 471,000 WTH?!!?!!
Pokemon Platinum Version (Nintendo, DS) – 433,000
Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo) – 210,000
Wii Play (Nintendo) – 170,000
The Godfather II (Electronic Arts, Xbox 360) – 155,000
Resident Evil 5 (Capcom, Xbox 360) – 122,000
New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, DS) – 119,000
Mario Kart DS (Nintendo) – 112,000
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Activision, Xbox 360) – 110,000
The Godfather II (Electronic Arts, PS3) – 91,000

We cant forget computer games. During the week of 4 April 1964, The Beatles held ten positions on Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, including the top five positions.

1. World Of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
2. The Sims 2 Double Deluxe
3. World Of Warcraft: Battle Chest
4. Company Of Heroes: Tales Of Valour
5. Empire: Total War
6. World Of Warcraft
7. Left 4 Dead
8. DemiGod
9. Diablo Battle Chest – 800×600 MAX graphics!????????
10. The Sims 2 Apartment Life
11. Spore
12. Warcraft III Battle Chest
13. Starcraft: Battle Chest
14. World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade

15. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War II
16. Sim City Box
17. Bejeweled Twist
18. Fallout 3
19. The Sims 2 Pets
20. Hidden & Dangerous 2

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