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Good, Bad and Ugly game review for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (xbox360)

Mr zombie and I played the first Ghost Recons, together, all the way through. I have many fond memories of this franchise, beer drinking, and SNIPER ON LEFT SNIPER ON LEFT PINNED DOWN. I got a version of this on the ps2 but it was vastly dumbed down. With the biggest hinderance not having control over your AI teammates, not a team of 3 as done before and only ONE at a time. So it was with much joy that I found this game at gamestop for 9.99$. After playing, I think this is a very friendly price for someone who has not played Rainbow 6 Vegas or Gears of War.

Good: They take what was done in the previous iterations of the game and expanded upon it with unit control. Now not only do you have control over your 3 squadmates, you have control of air and tank support. It’s not always available but when it is, it’s fun. I never got a hang of the flying thing, called the cross-com, to scout out areas and have it report back on the position of the enemy. Mine always managed to be seen thereby giving away any element of surprise. The story is almost verbatum Rainbow 6 books, which is no shock. You fly in on a helicopter on the first mission. Ring a bell? A president is kidnapped and you have to rescue him/her. It’s also one of the first third person shooter games I came across, though i’m sure our wonderkid will reveal the first 3ps and amazed me. That effect will have obviously lessened with other games coming out doing the same thing. You can choose to play in first or third, a option I like, and switching between first and third is fairly seemless. To be honest it had not been perfected yet to the degree of the games released today.

The AI is spotty in places. When you attempt to position your men to take cover against a building they bunch up like Mites on Ice. The Ai was just flat out dumb in the other games. The guys would just die instantly but they provided great cannon-fodder. Here that doesn’t occur. The cover system makes it appearance here and it suitably pretty weak. While fun at first glance you still get shot up far too much for “leaning around a corner”. You shot me from 250 yards seeing only my gun? Riiiiiight.

Ugly: Switching out your teammates. It doesn’t occur nearly as much as it has, why this was changed so much baffles me. I used to roll with a varied squad and this time round that didn’t happen. I think the game was really designed around the HD experience with elements of the previous games. Grenade tossing is just awful. Gun switching and description in the swap out menus I found to be an exercise in futility. I’m sorry that I don’t know the name designations for modern ground assault. I guess I missed that class in college. Wooops.

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