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2009-The year the console hated me

So about a month back, I reported on how a 360 died on me, now the red ring of death thing has been done to death, I have another 360, I’m back to awesome gaming, it’s all good. Now the PS3 on the other hand, is said to be very reliable, and there’s maybe a tenth of the percentage of PS3s that fail compared to 360…… only question is, WHY THE HELL DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME?!?! That’s right folks, late night post here, trying to trouble shoot the thing and no-go. I was gonna play some inFamous, had the disc in the machine, decide to watch some more of the PS3 E3 conference that I downloaded off the PSN….go to start the game, title screen, then ‘pew’…shuts off with a red light flashing. No matter what I do, same deal, turn on for a sec, ‘pew’, red light flash. The game’s stuck in the machine, now I gotta call Sony tomorrow, from what I’ve read online, I’m lookin at a 150$ repair fee since the warranty is only for a year I believe, and I’ve had it for 2. Christ that’s expensive, I can live without the games for a little while, but it’s my main movie machine(Bluray, DVD, downloads, etc.) I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens. *stares at the Wii, hoping it doesn’t break my heart too……rage building at an accelerated speed ,grrrr*

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Oh XBOX360, I luv U…sometimes you don’t love me back :’-(

The Xbox360, an incredible gaming platform….pretty sweet library, the best online system of any of the consoles…can make any hardcore gamer all warm and tingly inside.  But all is not milk and honey in that land, one of the biggest black eyes to any console ever, the red ring of death has crept up in many a gamer’s lives. Jamie and myself included, microsoft was good enough to extend the original 1yr. warranty to 3yrs, not bad. Ahh, there’s the rub….see, I’ve got my newer 360(with HDMI), and according to microsoft, newer 360s should be fine and reliable, which it has been, so no complaints. But I’ve got an older one that I keep for, ahem, playing some games earlier than most….this keeps me outta warranty, so when that older box eventually red ringed on me, I was able to fix it, more than once. Then I notice this creep up on the blogs a couple months back, something about an error 74….and finally, I get hit with it…some cats are able to get around it, seems most don’t. It’s related to the GPU and the scaler chip in the 360, from what I’ve gathered, one of the two went belly up in my machine… me, I’ve troubleshooted it much. So people’s, make sure your 360 is registered, if you have problems, take advantage of that warranty. Don’t let it discourage you from owning a great platform…I’m just a little depressed right now is all.

Im in ur xbox, stealin yer fun, muahahaha!

I'm in ur xbox, stealin yer fun, muahahaha!

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