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GBU for Resistance Fall of Man

As we mentioned on the Podcast I got a ps3 for my birthday. So in my usual pattern of game buying I went for some of the older or we can say Classic releases on the PS3. I remember Resistance from it’s launch day release and wanted to check it out from that moment onward. So I did! Away we go!

Good: This game could not be a more “classic” shooter if it tried. It has all the elements someone who enjoys a FPS (First Person Shooter) would fall instantly in love with. Lets start off with there are aliens. And then there are more aliens. There are big aliens. There are VERY big aliens. There are small aliens. Then there are VERY small aliens that hit you when you can’t see them. There are dark tunnels that you can throw grenades down and blow up more aliens. And. There. Are. Lots. Of. Guns. Ones that blow up all the aforementioned aliens. Although they don’t blow them apart. There are interesting effects on the weapons, the Bullseye has a near effect where you tag an enemy and your bullets seek them out. (Doesnt go around corners though). There’s a bomb placing gun that you just have to see to get and there is also a turret that’s HANDHELD. Yes. It’s that awesome.. There’s a catch though (see bad). The story has neat sci-fi elements that keeps you a little interested in parts and sustains you through some boring stretches of gameplay. The look of the game is very dark, it is set in england which is perpetually in the middle of a light shower. What other country in the world could have bred the Smiths or Morrissey for that matter.

Bad: The aliens have 3 dieing animations. And every “normal” guy you come across takes 2 hits to stop, they then go down in the same manner, on bended knee, then get up and die in 3 ways. Sometimes if you toss a grenade they fly away. The story is told from a past-tense perspective which was interesting while the gameplay was interesting, it just started to drain on me. Ok. Go into a spire base, kill aliens, turn a lever, run out. Hello halo, half life and killzone. There’s also a disturbing lack of ammo for the guns that are not the main gun’s. Your alien blaster, the bullseye and rifle have considerable amount of ammo available while the gun in the picture below and mentioned above has virtually none.

Ugly There are no trophy’s for those that enjoy the achievement type system sony has. It was too late in the development to put it in. It’s in Resistance 2 though. The ability to switch between guns on the fly stinks. I’m often left having to press the direction of the gun I want on the D pad a few times to select the gun I desire.

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New to Playstation 3?…c’mere for a sec…

So Jamie got the super dope hookup for his birthday, a PS3! I know the same reason he wanted it is the same reason I wanted it, a top notch bluray player with a solid game system to back it up. In the nearly 3yrs that I’ve had mine, I’ve grown to love what the system has to offer, great bluray playback, sweet dvd upscaling, and a unique library of game exclusives that gets better every year. If I was just getting a PS3, here’s what I’d probably start with.

1. Killzone 2 – I know Jamie loved the 1st game and this one is better in every way, it’s a damn solid first person shooter, and a real showcase for graphics abilities….stands almost as tall as Gears of War 2 IMO, sometimes better.

2. Resistance:Fall of Man – Another solid FPS. I know it’s old (2006!), and part 2 is out….but there was something about this one that stuck with me, maybe the awesome never before seen weapons, maybe the cool alternate history vibe(aliens instead of nazis!), or just the tight intense gameplay….either way, I’m happy to have this in my library, it’s greatest hits priced too.

3. Ratchet & Clack Future:Tools of Destruction – This one will also be greatest hits priced come June 16th. If you like the mario style of platforming gameplay, this series always delivered. Crazy creative weapons(the series staple), huge levels, fun characters and storyline….and graphics that almost feel like a pixar movie, highly recommended from the Richie Raw stash.

4. Motorstorm:Pacific Rift – A seriously fun racing game, you ride bikes, trucks, atvs, all at the same time while gettin down and dirty, this one’s pretty exhilarating…it’s a sequel to 2006’s Motorstorm, and while that one was great and alot of fun too, some quirks held it back (not enough variety in tracks, load times were a beeeotch!). This one fixes all that, it’s not too complex, mad variety in tracks, split-screen muliplayer, and another graphics powerhouse to boot.

5. Uncharted:Drake’s Fortune – Super fun 3rd person action game in the style of Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider, check out my review for more thoughts, another fave. I can’t wait for the sequel that hopefully drops this year.

I’d say that’s a good start, I would’ve put Little Big Planet, but I know he’s got that….Metal Gear Solid 4, but I stand by that you should be a fan of the series if you wanna tread those waters. Just about all these games have demos that you can download from the Playstation Network, so give them a shot. Speaking of the PSN, there’s also some downloadable games on there worth having too, maybe I’ll hit u guys up later with some thoughts.

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