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Starcraft 2 Beta Experience – Or how I learned to be beaten by 12 Year olds

Last Night was fun, not only was I crapped on by my errrrday hell, I was given the wonderful fun of getting my butt handed to me in the Starcraft 2 beta by 12 year olds name PWNZORSRUS and LAWLURMOMISMYWIFEY.

The first thing you notice is that the graphics look really really good. Blizzard continued with their whole cartoony look with over sized shoulders (we will get bored of this blizzard..just not right now).  However things have edges! and Vibrant Color! And Details, OH MY! The game play is still there, if you play an rts this is no different. The thing is there is a counter to everything in a 1:1 scenario. Problem is…

The other people, because the beta is only multiplayer. And fuck those mmo-wow-kid types. The ones WHO HAVE TO BEAT YOU IN EVERYTHING AND MUST GO FASTER FASTER FASTER MOAR MONSTER DRINKS. I play and do my thing, quickly, but not that quickly. So I lost. A lot.
I’ll be excited for the single player game, and campaign modes. That will be fun. but multiplayer. Nah. Not my cup of team brother.

Starcraft 2 will be released on July 27, 2010

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GBU for Sid Meier’s RailRoads!

In light of Zelda’s Spirit Tracks announcements we’re going to go to ’06 for this review. And as here at MC we don’t hold anything out of the realm of reviewing I’m taking this one on. So, buy your ticket and wait for Railroads to come sweep you away!

Good – The Graphic’s are lovely looking for a 06 game and the cities are as you want to imagine them to be in this series. This is the spiritual successor to the 2nd edition of this game in that sense. RT2 Updated. The cities have multiple levels of growth and it is exciting to have your favorite city expand to a massive scale. The trains are wonderfully visable as well. Both during the purchase and during playtime. The economics are easy to grasp for long timer’s to the series. You move goods and passengers to adjacent cities in the same manner as well as purchasing industries in “your” cities or neighboring ones. You’ll make milllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllions and fill up hours planning your economic strategy and follow through.

Bad – Track laying. For whatever reason it’s a hassle to master. The drag and drop functionality of it is awful. I’ve had the game crash on me while laying a long series of tracks. SORRY I WANTED TO CONNECT BALTIMORE TO NEW YORK. GOSH! This comes up a LOT when you’ve got a big network of trains. It happened in RT2 but seemed less an issue than this one. Your railroad network is best left to being built one track at a time.

Ugly – If you have vista, you cannot play this game. If you can well then you’re wonderful and unicorns fly above your head on a daily basis granting you magical wishes. Me? I screamed in anger.

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