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Games you wish you could go back and play for the first time

Friday – Now there’s a Movie I wish I could go back and watch again for the first time. Somehow relive that feeling of being 21 all over again.  At that time, it was friday, I had no job, and I didn’t have shit to do. So, after about 40,000 watchings of this movie, of which I can remember about 5 due to the copious amounts of ugz my ROOMATES WERE SMOKING –  the movie has gotten a tad bit stale. The same with Half Baked, or even..gasp….Star Wars. The movies over time tend to lose their luster but, not in a bad way. relic of the past.  I’m being a tad bit dramatic – I still laugh at the best of Friday videos on youtube and there is The Stone Roses debut album that almost 14 years later still sounds just as fresh as it did the first time I heard it. I can go back to that moment in time where it lives vividly in my memory and get that feeling all over again every single time.  You know the bit where the drums kick in at 1:30. Man, that shit will always be epic in my mind.  Here’s that shit live.

Any fuckin’ ways. I’m taking a long time to get to my point – as I usually do – my point is that I looked at the Fallout 3 case today and really longed for that moment where I realized that I was playing one beast of a game that would suck the next 80 hours of my life out of me.   The moment I realized I’m an addict and Fallout 3 was my Dealer with the good stuff.  I had no power over that plastic case and needed that FIX. I think myself along with 80% of the gamer population felt this moment with this game and knows exactly what I’m talking about without me having to refer to bullet points. So I won’t.

But, indulge me while I go back through what’s left of my mind mostly because i’d like to list here some games I’d love to go back and play for the first time. Here’s the Short List with my thoughts.

1. Fallout 3 (duh)
2. Sim City 2000 – I remember the feeling of the fucking chair because my ass was parked to it for an entire summer. I think this was one of the contributing factors to the decline of my Sporting Life but, so be it. It was a great game and my City’s were the Envy of ANY EMPIRE.
3. Railroad Tycoon 2 – I mostly remember the bucketloads of Chocolate Chip Cookie dough icecream in my first real apartment in college that I ate while playing this game. It was a pretty weird time – hence the copious amounts of Ice Cream – in the middle of winter mind you – but this was one of those things that stuck out.  It felt good building something successful. Little did I know that i was doing that to my own career. Who would have guessed in the power of the Sub-Conscious mind.
4. Legend of Zelda a link to the Past – My memory of this game is MEGA hazy as I was 12 at the time of this games release but I played the fuck out of it. It was the first game we got for the SNES. Yeah, I know no mario. Odd right? I love RPG’s what can I say. And it was also the time I got my first TV. A 10 inch RCA that I JUST THREW OUT LAST YEAR. Can you believe that shit. Yes. I hold onto crap. Anyways… Man…I loved the box art, and the smell of the box. I loved the music from the start. and..what’s this? RAIN?  SO COOOOOOOL. I’m sure Rich can point out the very first game where rain was used but this was my first game I really remember it being so effective at creating mood. It seemed so real and epic at the time. I was 12. Stop laughing.

So what games do you wish you could go back and play all over again with a fresh face? What games do you most want to experience all over again? I’m sure there are some Wowcrackheads that could easily name ONE game instantly. Just sayin’

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28th Podcast!

After a 2 week vacation in mexico drinking Tequila, and doing all manner of rude things we are back! Joking. About the tequila. We get together and discuss some Sim City, Batman Arkham Asylum, Wii failures, and finish up with lots of Nintendo Holiday releases as part of our holiday release guide.We also finish up on Tru-Bloods not so great finale. Not that there’s anything WRONG with that. 28th_podcast

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GBU for RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

This was the Followup to the wonder RTS, if you want to call it that, game Rollercoaster Tycoon. Developer by the mysterious Chris Sawyer who we’ve heard virtually nothing from after this game. Made your millions and left? Good one. Cheers to you man!

Good – MAX graphics setting is 1400×900 so you can play it on today’s computer monitors, full screen (22’s). RC1 is in window’d mode now. More rides were added in each section. Gentle, Rollercoaster, Water and Exciting. The addition to the variety of Food Stands was awesome for the scenarios where you have to survive on that as your income. ATM’s come in handy. (Be sure to place one near the exit!). Instead of unlocking scenarios you start with all of them at the outset. The addition of the Six Flags parks are AWESOME and to have the rides from the parks was a awesome idea! The design your own Rollercoaster feature is there and really upgraded when it comes to the carts and track laying possibilities (should you have the money). I could go on for-forever. Any RTS fan should own this game now.

Bad – When your parks get 2,000 plus people it gets hard to manage. Your mechanic’s are still as annoying as ever. You can still map the area’s they monitor over though. Trouble is the rides seem to break down faster than before. This is a challenge to overcome. you’ll have to replace them after 2 years. The First aid stand was a good addition but it’s poorly used by the AI. I’ve placed it everywhere and there’s nary a decrease in puke.

Ugly – It’s an isometric view, if that bothers you. Doesn’t for me. But i’ve gamed so long like that it’s like 2nd nature. It’s also on a very old game engine that also Designed Will Wright’s Sim City 2000 and Chris Sawyer’s previous game Transport Tycoon.

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