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Friday Night Horror Corner

I apologize to all my friends out there looking for a good friday night scare.  My absence last week and part of this week were due to new responsibilities in my life.  I am now a gainfully employed member of society and getting back into the swing of things has been a bit shall we say disorienting.  So as my friend says after a particularlly nasty fragging “cry more newb”  So that is precisely what Im going to do.  Im going to cry for a bit.  But those tears will be tears of happiness and terror all at the same time.  Because this week I bring to your attention a movie which shaped my life, which made my teenage years a bit more formative.  While my schoolmates were off partying it up I was sitting at home researching zombies, how to defeat them and how to create them.  And damned if Max Brooks didn’t get the books out before me.  I would have been rich beyond my wildest dreams!  I don’t dream very big, really.  So anyway without further ado I bring to you the Trifecta of zombie movies.  The first in the series of the trilogy of the walking dead.

Night of the Living Dead

This George A. Romero film debuted in  1968 and for the time was a poignant reminder of the times.  Throughout the movie there are subtle social commentaries of the time, most especially the ending.  This movie far from being the first ever zombie movie(reserved for the 1932 classic White Zombie) is the first ever “zombiepocolypse” movie and spurred the entire genre into overdrive, creating masterpiece after masterpiece of low budget B-movie greatness.  Night of the Living Dead centers around a group of survivors in a small rural pennsylvania town trying to survive an unknown catastrophe.  After a space exploration satelite explodes in the atmosphere creating a possible radiation event the dead begin to rise from their graves.  The characters in this movie encompass all walks of life.  The young athlete, the well to do black man, and the family with the overly agressive father.  I won’t ruin the movie for you but I will tell you this.  “shoot em in the head and they stay dead.”

This movie is a wonderful addition to any horror buffs collection and would do well with anyone who is a lover of great black and white movies.

So curl up on the couch turn off the lights grab yourself a Fullers London Porter and enjoy a good movie with a friend, or a girlfriend, whichever ya got.

Goodnight fiends I will continue the trilogy next week with Dawn of the Dead a great movie with another low budget and an amazing Director.

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