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Playstation Move Is Out Today – Are you going to buy the popsicle?

I know two guys who won’t be buying this. Are you?  This thing looks utterly silly. The promo – does not. Richie and I have discussed this subject quite a few times on the podcast, but our opinion still stands. It’s more peripheral’s and totally unnecessary for two lazy cats like us. Meow. There are benefits and also downsides to this though so let me say this – lets hope its not just the Wii 2.0

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Gamescom 2010 – PS3 Trailers!

What the hell is Gamescom anyway?? According to the wiki, it sounds like a European E3 of sorts that started a couple years ago. We probably posted stuff from it last year….can’t live in the past man! Haha, anyways, some new stuff on the PS3 front.

Resistance 3 live action trailer. Hmmm. Taking a cue from those live action Halo spots are we?? Ehh, who cares. I’m in the ‘loooove Resistance 1’ camp, part 2….not so much(did I review that? I better jump on it). Hopefully 3 brings me back around.

New Ratchet & Clank trailer. I love those games, I really do….the last game was awesome, it just doesn’t have that compelling aspect to make me wanna finish it right away. What I’m saying is that I wanna finish it before this comes out….and what I’m also saying is-*screech* ooh, 4-player online co-op!

Another InFAMOUS 2  trailer, cool. The first game had some real promise, but janky battle/enemy design kept me from loving it. Let’s hope the sequel rights all the wrongs.

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E3 2010 -Playstation Stuffs

Sony, in my opinion, were the most consistent at showing cool games at E3 this year. Sure Microsoft showed off a couple awesome titles, but the whole thing was very Kinect heavy…..which so seems like it’s not directed at us core gamers. Nintendo was Nintendo, their outing was respectable I think.

Sony wasn’t perfect of course, they showed alot of Move stuff, which we’ve covered here before. New games for it and all that stuff. And they pushed 3D alot, which wasn’t surprising. Could be dope, but until I can afford/try it for myself….meh.

But stuff like Killzone 3, I think just looks spectacular. Little Big Planet 2, squeee. They announced a new Twisted Metal, which looked real slick. That new Motorstorm, whoa. Even the inFAMOUS 2 trailer put the 1st game to shame. They didn’t show anything on Last Guardian though 😦 The week’s not over though….well, here’s some trailers!

MotorStorm Apocolypse


Little Big Planet 2

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E3 2010 – What do you want to see? Double R’s Thoughts

Hey kiddo’s, it’s that time of year again. The time where our geeky selves get a taste of what’s on the way in the gaming world. The time where we get all giddy and squeal over cool trailers and the possibility of good games and stuff that should hopefully come out soon. Or get disappointed by it….Wii Music anyone? Ok, sorry Nintendo, that was cheap of me….but seriously….Wii Music?!? WTF were yall thinkin?!? You guys made up for it with Mario Galaxy 2 though, I’m lovin it 🙂 And on the honest side, it’s rare that I get disappointed by something I was blown away by at an E3. Now let’s see, what do I hope is gonna make a showing? Or not. I’m gonna stick to the big 3 on this. Off the domepiece 🙂

+ Halo Reach baby! Sure, multiplayer is cool for cats that are into it, but I wanna see some of that campaign. Since it’s supposed to be out in the fall, I don’t think an awesome trailer is outta the question.
+ Gears of War 3. This ain’t due till April of next year, but give us a taste MS. For realz.
+ Fable III. Yeah, I know I gotta get on part 2 and finish that jawn. But the possibilities of being a king and affecting the world around you, depending on your rule style? Should be interesting.
– Project Natal. Yeah, we’ve went over the cool possibilities of this, so far, unnamed, contraption. But I’m really not interested. After being burned by the Wii, I just don’t give a damn about motion control stuff too much. Besides, I don’t have the space to jump around my room just to do something a button press can accomplish…..Make me eat my words MS.

+ The Last Guardian. We’ve put up trailers and all that good stuff….just don’t know when it’s due. I’m praying for a fall release, c’mon Sony. Make it happen!…Or take your time till it’s right, I don’t want a broken game LOL.
+ Killzone 3. This just got announced. Won’t drop till next year, but I loved 2. It has it’s flaws though. Hopefully 3 is a smoother experience.
+ A new Jak & Daxter. This is just outta thin air, not even a hint if it’s being made, but those games were awesome on the PS2. The guys behind the awesome Uncharted games made them, so c’mon. Take what you learned there, and apply it here, should be good.
– Playstation Move. Like the Wii, but supposed to be better. See above. I know you guys want some of that soccer mom/senior citizen money that Nintendo gets, but stick to what you’re good at. Motion controls?…..zzzzzzz

+ New Zelda. Show me something that’s gonna excite me. I know I’m in the minority here, but the 3d Zelda’s just don’t do it for me….and Twilight Princess? Puts me to sleep man. I’m hoping for something awesome.
+ New console. No I don’t want a new Microsoft or Sony system yet. But Nintendo? Just gimme something that smooths out jaggies and displays in HD. Mario Galaxy 2 looks great, but it can look AMAZING. And make sure it’s cheap too!
– Vitality sensor? Add that to the list of peripherals I don’t care about. Who knows. Maybe they’ll do something cool with it *snicker*

3rd Party Stuff
+ Dead Space 2. I loved the first game. It looked gorgeous, sounded incredible, and really brought the creeps.
+ New Silent Hill. Konami announced a part 2 reboot. I guess sort of like they did with the last game. Which I thought kinda sucked…but this one’s in another developer’s hands. I’m hoping for the best.
+ Rock Band 3. I used to be nuts about the music genre. But the endless Guitar Heros and band specific games just made it boring. Maybe Harmonix will give us something to be excited about again….and I can dust off my plastic guitars 🙂

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Playstation Move…from the future

In case you cats didn’t know, the Playstation Move was announced a couple weeks back at this year’s GDC. Move being the PS3’s definitive motion control solution. The Wii made sure that stuff was here to stay….my stance, hey, it’s cool for “some” games. It’s not the be all-end all of games, and at the end of the day, I just wanna kick back with a controller in my hand.

What I think makes the Move cool is it’s 1:1 accuracy. The combo of the controller(s) and the Playstation Eye camera tracking where it is in 3D space, opens up all kinds of cool potential. Of course it’s all about the games. If Sony doesn’t come up with a must-have game or two after this is released, then fuhgeddaboudit.

Anyways, the real point to this post, is the latest Kevin Butler Playstation spot. Sony’s latest PS3 ad campaign with this guy is just friggin hilarious. Spot the Wii and Natal potshots 🙂

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God Of War Collection Trailer

Hittin’  on the ‘yeah boyeee’ tip, Sony hits us with an awesome trailer for the upcoming God Of War Collection for the PS3, the HD cleanup of God Of War 1 & 2.

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The Last Guardian TGS 09 Trailer

Damn….I want this….

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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo!

That’s right, thanks to IGN, we got a demo for the next MGS game on the PSP via TGS 2009…..Metal Gear junkies, like myself, check out destructoid in case you have trouble getting it to run.

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Sony @ TGS 2009

If you anybody keeps up on the big boy game blogs like we do, yall would know that the Tokyo Game Show is going on right now. And as usual there’s some big announcements, while we probably won’t be going nuts on it the way we did for E3, there’s some cool things worth mentioning.

First, a special Final Fantasy XIII themed PS3 with a 250GB hard drive. Sure, the game is coming out for both the PS3 and Xbox360, but I think FF fans always associated the series with the Playstation brand, after FF7 of course. Shipping 12/17 in Japan, no word on if it’ll hit here stateside.

Motion Controller updates. Looks like it’s coming Spring 2010. Not only new games will be utilizing the new tech, but a bunch of older games will be patched with motion control enhancements. Games like Little Big Planet and Resident Evil 5 for example. If handled right, I think this can be a cool peripheral. While not the be all end all interface it is on the Wii, which I never thought was a good idea(and with the amount of time we put into the Wii, proves that correct), it does make for a cool option once in awhile. Not only do you have physical feedback(something that worries me about Natal), but in combination with the Playstation camera(Eye), the interface knows where you are in 3D space. It could lead to some unique gaming experiences….now let’s hope the price is right.

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God Of War Collection comes with the God Of War III demo!

Can I get a hell yeah?! Reading on joystiq, it was confirmed by Sony that the God Of War Collection will include a download voucher for the GoWIII demo they showed at E3, so Kratos’ Krackheads like myself will get a taste of the new sequel early. We reported on this a few podcasts back, it was only a rumor that the demo would come with the Collection disc, then shot down, covering their butts in case in couldn’t happen I guess, and now it’s back on for realz. Can’t wait to get the taste as well as play through the first two games again in HD glory. I almost fired up the PS2 recently, after gettin hyped watching Clash of the Gods on the History Channel, just to play my old copies. I think greek mythology is very cool, and the GoW games throw you right in the middle of these stories, so watching that program gave me the Kratos itch……but I think I can hold off till Nov. 10th, when the God Of War Collection ships. 🙂

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PS3 Slim/Price Cut Semi-Confirmed *update* Make That Confirmed!

This has probably been one of the worst kept secrets of the industry of the last few years (internet sez hi). On Destructoid there’s a post that links to K-Mart’s website teasing the PS3 Slim with a lower price. Also mentioned is that it’s shipping with a 120GB hard drive on August 24th, possibly at $299.99. Sony has some event scheduled today at 12:30pm eastern, this is probably when they’ll announce it. I look forward to seeing if the Slim design is the one we’ve been seeing for months on the big boy game blogs.


So yeah, check out any of the blogs and it’s there, $299 and the Slim(w/120GB HDD) dropping the 1st week in Sept.  Check out the Joystiq gallery for hi-rez pics.

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PS2 emulation coming to PS3, we told ya!

Problem is, we don’t know when yet. Joystiq and Kotaku reported that a patent has been unconvered that Sony filed, in which the PS3 can emulate the functions of the PS2 CPU. Hopefully this will be for full backwards-compatibility, and maybe throwing some of those PS2 classics on the PSN. We’ll let you know when we know more.

PS2 emulation? I can haz it?

PS2 emulation? I can haz it?

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For kicks, GBU for my new PS3(in comparison to my old one)

A’ight, I promised to keep you guys updated on where I stand in PS3 land. A friend put it quite simply to me, “I don’t see getting a new PS3 as a waste of money, you use it for like everything Rich”. Which was true and sold me, I was planning on a xbox360 elite system, but that’ll have to wait since I can still play 360 games, with PS3, it’s the blu-ray that was killing me, I haven’t bought regular dvds in over 2yrs, I’m all hi-def baby! And with over 100 blu-rays, what can I say? I had the original 60gig model that came out, now I have the current 80gig model.

The Good – This newer revision is much lighter, like half the weight of the original machine. I almost flung it outta the box since I was expecting to pick up something heavy. Doesn’t run as hot as the old machine, the old machine wasn’t any crazier than a PC, but this new one runs cooler. Quieter, when the old one got hot, fans kicked in full speed, not as bad as 360 noise, but still noticable, after being on for 8hrs downloading my previously purchased games off PSN, comfortable sound levels with the new one. Comes with the Dual Shock 3 controller, where the other one came with the regular Sixaxis that didn’t have rumble(due to legal reasons)….not a deal breaker, but I like my rumble. Hard drive is slightly easier to change out.

The Bad – Umm, hello? PS2 backwards compatibility?!? Why’d you take it out?!? The old machine had it and upscaled the games to 1080p. Come on Sony, sure I bought the PS3 for PS3 games, but it’s nice not having to hook up another machine when I wanna fire up a classic, plus you guys pushed the whole BC thing in the beginning, “oh you can play your entire playstation library blah blah blah.” Only 2 USB ports instead of 4, sure 90% of the time I don’t need more than 2, it’s nice having that flexibility though…and what if you got all the old Rock Band peripherals and stuff, where everything is wired? Kinda sux. It was nice having memory stick/sd/etc slots on the front of the machine, not necessary, but cool if I wanted to go back and forth from a memory stick directly to my PSP, or a digital camera.

The UglyThe reason why I’m here in the 1st place(wish I had that extended warranty like I have now). Sure it’s nice that the PS3 failure rate is low enough that people online can’t really figure out what my problem was….but damn, it was an ugly night when it happened.

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Playstation 3 Motion Controller

Looks like Sony also wants to bite into some of Nintendo’s casual market share, today announcing their answer to motion controlling, sorry no cool names like ‘Project Natal’ or dates or pricing, just tech demoing on the E3 floor. Sure their pack in controllers on the PS3 has some motion sensing with the six-axis technology, but it’s nowhere near as intuitive as Nintendo’s Wiimote, or what Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal seems to be. Here’s a little description from the joystiq post on it “The PlayStation Controller will work in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye, which will capture movements of the motion controller for “true one-to-one tracking.” Sony showed off a variety of tech demos for use of the motion controller, including sword swinging fantasy, tank-based third-person shooting, archery, tennis and drawing — all of which are meant only to demonstrate what is possible with the motion controller and is not the final software for the new peripheral (Those looking for a PS Sports title, sorry).” Kotaku posted some news about it as well, check it out.

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GBU for E3 2009 (So far!)*

*-This just a play on our usually weekly game review posts, Jamie and I are quite serious about our games, but we can also be goofs too. This is all in good fun and is only semi-serious on my opinions on things :-p

The Good – OMG, full body motion detection camera from Microsoft! Puts you in the game, Matrix here I come! I can’t wait to hang with Milo. Splinter Cell Conviction exclusive to 360, sweet. Metal Gear Solid series comes to the xbox platform once again. PSP Go! looks cool. God of War III, whoohoo!  DJ Hero, my dreams finally come true in console form. Team Ico brings me “The Last Guardian”, yeah baby! New Super Mario Bros. 4 Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, hello, the kid in me is taking over!

The Bad – Awesome looking PS3 exclusives God of War III and Heavy Rain don’t come out till next year? Man are you serious?!? More like PSP Go Home! Hey Microsoft, how bout an idea of when I can get this ‘Project Natal’, and how much? Nintendo, you make me wet my pants with the Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer, and tell me I can’t get it till next year? Are you just begging me to sell my Wii?? Oh yeah, how bout 17 more Guitar Heros while we’re at it Activision? New Tony Hawk with a board? cuz I just want more peripheral junk in my house!

The Ugly – Project Natal will make me physically tired of using the 360 interface….Wii Vitality wants to check my heart rate, how bout this-beeeeeeeep….Oh yeah, nice Sony, way to show a lame lookin prototype to motion control, it’s like the Wiimote and Project Natal had a really lame baby.

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PS3 Bundle with Final Fantasy VII

I tend to err on the side of caution when nothing is cited in a article but we’ll report this anyways. Kotaku is saying that Gamestop is saying That I’m saying what we’re saying is the 80 Gig PS3 will be bundled with Final Fantasy VII at the $399.99 price at your local Gamestop’s. It’s Part of a One-off promotion. Thing is, nowhere on Gamestop’s website is this listed nor, is it listed on Sony’s PS3 site. Futhermore for a promotion starting June 2nd, that’s awfully LATE to announce this as Kotaku puts it “This is a one time only pack-in by stores offer to boost sales” on the PS3 80GB units”.

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New PSP?

1up dropped this lil gem on us. *cue up price is right music* The NEW PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPPPPP. It looks like a cell phone, that flip top. If that is indeed what it is. I have to say, that was a very wise idea to me as you really increase your viewing space. Or do you. Duh Duh Duh. That’s my biggest beef with handhelds. I know some people (RICH) like them but I’m just not ready to cheat on my HDTV (just yet). There’s nothing up on sony’s site yet, we’ll see..

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