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New Videogame Teaser Trailers from SpikeTV

So, the Spike TV VideoGame Awards sort of happened this past weekend. Not a big fan of Spike and their wares myself, but some cool announcements come about with these shows. Like some of the teaser trailers for new stuff that I’m kinda excited for. Enjoy 🙂

Halo Reach

Star Wars : The Force Unleashed 2

Batman : Arkham Asylum 2

Medal of Honor

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The Empire Muggs Back

I don’t really know what Mighty Muggs are, but these Star Wars toys are pretty cute.

And they can be yours! From Lucasfilm asked artists, comic book creators, toy designers, and celebrity fans to transform blank Mighty Muggs into custom art depicting their favorite characters, creatures, ships and scenes from the Star Wars saga in the project, The Empire Muggs Back. Then collectors and fans can bid on all the art pieces which are auctioned by The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Hurry, the action ends on Aug. 14, 2009!

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GBU game review for Star Wars Force Unleashed

Words cannot convey the disappointment I had while playing this game. If you played the demo, forget that you did. It’s nothing like the regular game. While playing it, it felt like some kind of prototype for the next game announcement. “See what we did, and NOW DA DA DUH DA! We’ve made it better.” If you do any amount of research you’ll see virtually every review saying the same thing but we’re not ones to take serious writers reviews too serious. So here’s my serious review. That you too cannot take seriously. Bewm.

Good: The story. I think I’d be equally as happy just watching the cutscene’s than actually playing the game. Ouch. Man. I felt that burn and I’m writing this. The ability to put you in a jedi’s shoes are there so at times you’ll really enjoy blasting people with force powers. It’s there not for all the levels but there are moments. And those moments are wonderful. You’ve got a force push that is pretty killer and force throw. You’ll most likely use these all the time. The game is deceptive in that it drops you in as vadar, and you totally destroy wookies. You can level up in game and further boost your powers as well. So in a sense it’s rpg.

Bad: That was probably the hardest good I’ve ever had to write. Because of so many “buts” that I can put in. The leveling up is cool but you max out everything just through the process of leveling up. So why level up at all? The mobs leveling up too? Yeah. They do but not like obvilion, they’re just always equally as powerful as a jedi. The boss fights are easily the worst elements of game-play. You are force to do button sequences, and if you play like i do, in a cave, in the dark, drunk and one eyed open you’ll find it hard to execute these. If you do happen to execute a few in a row, then you’ll find another set of button mashing sequences. So, if you miss these the process starts over completely and frustration enters the room.

Ugly: For all the talk of a destructible world, it’s just not there. You see clearly the pieces you can pick up. Sure boxes and stormtrooper picking up is cool, and throwing them in the same manner (and not killing them to boot) for the 200th time gets boring VERY FAST. Fighting a rancor, 10 times, not fun. 5 times? ok. Putting out content for the WII, and not for the ps3 and xbox 360 THEN selling it. Not cool.

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Star Wars The Old Republic reveals Smuggler Class

Hahn solo fanbois, look out. A new guy’s in town. Bioware released a little bit of information along with videos and screen shots. Their combat tatics are listed below! SO, I’ll make the wow comparison leap. A rogue with engineering. Could be cool! Blow stuff up with blasters. pew pew pew pew. I’m already dreaming.

Combat Tactics
“The Smuggler’s approach to fighting is guileful and improvisational. Preferring to tip the odds in their favor from the start, Smugglers often rely on the element of surprise, using stealth and trickery to catch opponents off guard. Despite the sly tactics, they are more than capable of holding their own in a fair fight. Fast on the draw and a crack shot with a blaster, Smugglers tend to shoot first and be the last ones standing.”


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World War Z and Star Wars?

I read a book recently called World War Z. It’s about every gamers true dream, a zombie apocalypse. (preferably if I am armed with an endless supply of shotgun bullets amirite?) I found it to be enjoyable and one that was quite hard to put down. The cutting up of the stories at first were too short but just enough of a bread crumb trail for me to continue on. I wont blow anything but once I finished it made sense. The invasion started slow then blew up into a full on war. So, the later stories really started to hit home. I highly recommend it for any zombie fiction fan. There are rumors the movie is in Pre-Production , linked to Brad Pitt’s Production Company, but that fate has been layed upon many movie, known as Development Hell. I’m wayyy off my point right now but the reason for writing this was that I stumbled upon Mark Hamil’s (I dont even need to mention who that is) wikipedia entry. As well as playing the Joker in the Animated Batman series (yes I watched this), “Hamill voiced the character of Todd Wanio in World War Z, a critically acclaimed audiobook based on Max Brooks’ successful imitation of Studs Terkel’s “The Good War”, relating the stories of survivors from the first global zombie war.”

Wild! GoGo Mark Hamil.

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Star Wars Republic Dev Interview and Brink too!

Go Go Giant Bomb. Giant Bomb got a chance to interview some of the developers for Star Wars: The Old republic. It’s safe to say we don’t really learn anything from them. Lets see some gameplay for this already.

They also Interviewed the creative director for Brink. So yeah, lots of details about the story for the game. It’s a new FPS as we know, and they say it’s a “class” based system. Curious. Then the next weird thing is that the company will intervene into your game and direct you to play online. Now it could just be a prompt and probably will, the man hours for that is insane, but uh. Creepy. So the story is basically a futuristic world gone wrong. Utopia gone wild Y’ALL. Also someone tell this dude to not drink coffee, he’s on overdrive. Peter Molyneux eat your heart out.

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Star Wars Old Republic MMO trailer

Ahh E3. How sweet you are this year. Star Wars Old Republic, the new MMO the lovely folks from Bioware are working on, have released a new trailer.
Did you SEE the bounty hunter? Star Wars Galaxies eat your heart out. THIS is a trailer folks. What a day. And……I’m done.


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Star Wars Clone Wars Game

Worried we are.

Worried we are.

There’s a new Star Wars game coming out and no, it’s not Battlefront 3. It looks like it’s coming to all platforms too. So, at first glance from the video on their site it looks to be a more simplified version of Star Wars Force Unleashed. Is that a good thing? Problem be it may. Worried we are. hmmmmmmmmmmm.

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Man. 1up reported that this website is a bioshock trailer. Man. Rich and I loved this game. Sometimes I worry about follow up’s to games I really enjoy. As with everything in life I relate it to music. Bands that release a good first album usually hone their skillz next time around and make a better 2nd album. My Morning Jacket (It still moves) ,Oasis (Morning Glory), Ride (Going Blank Again), Smiths (Meat is Murder) , Shed Seven (Maximum High) , Verve, (Northern Soul), Slowdive (Soulvaki), Stereophonics (Performance and C-tails), American Analog Set (From our living room). On the other side you have the great entrances then the 2nd album drop off’s. Some people will say Biggie’s second album was better, myself I dont see it but, that’s ok. Nas did nothing after Illmatic. The Stone Roses while liking the Second Coming was NOWHERE near as good as the first. The Charlatans followed up Some Friendly with a much lesser 10th and 11th. WHATEVER. Just sayin.

Bioshock could be good or bad. hehe. Yes. I play the middle. My hope is that they take some of the problems with bioshock and improve it a little while keeping the core gameplay there. Like more space. I’m a fan of space. We’re in at the beginning of the Digital Revolution right now. I know we probably wont really see the “bigger” games until we move into the next gen consoles and game companies start really flexing the blu-ray’s capabilities. I’m not meaning oh we have 6 more feet of view space. Just meaning better movies, akin to Star Wars’s Force unleashed and GTA, better animations. Maybe I just have a ton of hope. 🙂 They call me a dreamer.

I’ll have the edit finished for the podcast by this weekend. It went really well. We’re starting to move along nicely now. We did run a little long on the TRT so apologies in advance. We’re trying to keep things around 1 hour-1:15 in length for now. Problem is there is a certain person who tends to babble (See: ME).

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3rd Podcast!

The 3rd! Master Control Cast. We talk about achievements, lost and damned, world of warcraft, sega genesis,star wars force unleashed and the touchy subject that is the horror movie Eden Lake. Stay tuned for the 3rd podcast!

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