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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer

Surprisingly dropping on May 23rd, here’s a new trailer for, umm…the game in the post title 🙂 Surprising cuz Nintendo usually saves these big games for the holiday season. But this year’s game releases are following a new pattern altogether. Anyways, it looks like Mario Galaxy-The Lost Levels…I think that’s how Nintendo described it when it was first announced. I dunno yall, my Partner-N-Crime and I were pretty excited for this…now I’m not sure, I think NSMBW left a bad taste behind. Hopefully this will be as fun and smile inducing as the first one.

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“Still waiting on that heifer Julio”

I came across this funny post on giantbomb. I’ve always thought about the glorious day I’d quit a job I hated*NSFW*, but not my current job, I love this gig 😉 It seems this guy liked his job, but just needed to move on, with entertaining results.

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