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Tru-Blood Mini Episodes!!!

True Blood will come back on the air June 13th as most people should know. Sadly I’ll be on my honeymoon and will miss this airing unless the resort has on-demand hbo (IT BETTER >>>>>.<<<<<).  So to promote the show they will be doing mini episodes. I think it’s a great idea and a great little promotion leading up to the premiere. I wish more television channels would do content like this.  Instead of you spending millions in print advertising and roadside billboards just saying “tune in!” you can produce one 30 minute show having 5-10 little stories and bam. You’ve got 5-10 weeks of interactive promotion! You keep people on the site, keep them interested in the show.  Create some alternative stories you couldnt normally put on air. Call it your chance to take the out-takes/deleted scenes back to the front. Those b-sides of your writing!And make them web-exclusive. Sign up a sponsor for branding at the beginning of the video too!

Now of course you  need to have the brand, face, and actual interest in your product. You really cant come out from nothing and create it into something.  Just ‘doing interviews’ will not net you any “viral” stuff. Doing a play on something that EVERYONE is doing does not. Take cheap small chances. IE. This.

Viral ideas. Take the 2010 NHL playoffs and cut it into one minute.  Cut the highlights, fights, hits..and boom.

Think this idea..

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Lafayette Reynolds from Tru Blood Quotes

As we’ve talked about on our podcast quite a few times we’re big time fans of the Tru-Blood Tv show on Showtime. And our, and so shoul yours, favorite character is Lafayette.  While doing my daily internet search I stumbled across a good page for quotes. Heck, I think the link says it all.

Ha ha. Great use of a domain name!

So yeah..favorite’s are:

I don’t run a layaway program and I aint interested in instituting one and “Oooh lover, you gonna make me clutch my pearls!” ha ha.  They really stepped up that show this year although the finale left somethign to be desired. Rich and I will talk about it on the next podcast.

and some more memorable ones. 🙂

Aint much difference between a vampire and a budan sausage, cept for the blood

Aint nothing free in my world!

All you gotta do is say hold the aids

Bitch you come in my house you gonna eat my food the way I fucken make it

Boyfriend you are so not a duke!

Bring it on hooker, I was all parish in highschool.

Don’t blame the Ferrari just because you can’t drive.

Don’t let nothing get you down, it’s the only way to live.

Everything on your god damned table got aids

Faggots been breeding your cows, raising your chickens, even brewing your beer long before I walked my sexy ass up in this mutherfucker

Here, suck on this, it’ll make you feel lots better.

How else am I gonna get ahead in this po-dunk town?

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