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Gamer Sentenced to Gulag for Potential Terrorist Remarks

Video Game player Spoogelord69 from New Baptist, Kentucky was sentenced to 15 years at a labour camp in the Gulag without an Xbox for his potential involvement on a (fictional) twitter account.

It all started on Wednesday Novemeber 10th 2010 when Spoogelord69 wrote “lawl plox at ur girlfriend I haz noodz of her lvl 70 shaman 2900 WHR in TB WTS 40g pst with offer” on his twitter account to the under secretary of the prime minister of bossmanistan. The Under Secretary then reported a possible TERRORIST threat to the Authorities who promptly put down their boston creame donuts and headed over to  Spoogelord69’s house.  Upon arrival Spooge’s parents directed the authorities to the basement where Spoogelord was holed up. After an hour long journey through empty cans of Monster and Twinkie wrappers the Authorities apprehended the suspect.

In response Spoogelord69, whose name is David Finkstien but also known under the alias’s of “bel biv devo, rock my Talent Tree, and Kris Kristofferson”, accused his friend Lawrence Phillips of hacking his account and sending out the Tweets.  Lawrence was not available for comment.  Spoogelord was convicted under the anti terrorism act enacted in the 1860’s in response to the rising fear that Turtleneck’s would be taking over the planet. Though the current threat level for Turtleneck’s is at yellow or, black, or mock-neck,  it is still a capital offense to make such threats.

Spoogelord69 and his 16,500 achievement points were removed from the XBOX live network on Friday morning prior to the conviction. When asked by the presiding judge Suzy Lawpants, before being taken away to the Gulag, as to why he would convict a crime Spoogelord’s only response was that he was proud he was the first of his friends to get  60/60 achievements in Elder Scrolls Oblivlion.

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30th Podcast!

We get together and talk some, Dead space,Call Of Duty 4, Kill Zone, GTA 4 now on Demand, The new Wow Movie, ATI winning the next gen console deal, the PS3 getting top sales for the first time….ever? Check out the 30th_podcast

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Ratchet and Clank and Trailer

So, there’s a pretty informative trailer for the new game in the Ratchet and Clank series. The developers discuss the addiction(addition) of Trophy’s and using them to unlock challenges. This is something that we’ve discussed in depth on our podcast’s as something developers can do to break down a wall between the user and developer. Here you did ALL THIS, now you get this since you obviously love the game so much. For example I play through all of oblivion I now get a new town to go do quests with. Just sayin’ Bethesda. The developers also discuss the replay factor for the game one that I didn’t think was really there (although they say fans email them about this!). So that’s pretty cool!

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A twitter? We have it!

Yes yes my pets. We are on Twitter. Well..I am. The master. and you know who the controller is. Anyways. Join me for my random rantings about everything we rant about!

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Next GTA IV DLC announced…via Twitter?!?

Them smoov cats at Kotaku threw this up earlier today, news of the 2nd piece of DLC that’s exclusive to the 360 version of GTA IV (for now anyway), via Twitter…’you know it’s a Twitter world when’…amirite?..:-) Details apparently coming soon, I for one can’t wait…if you follow the gaming exploits of Jamie and I, yall should know by now that I’m as gaga as a kid on christmas morning with anything GTA. Microsoft paid a cool 50 mil to Rockstar games for exclusivity on 2 expansions to the GTA IV universe, we got The Lost And Damned, which was awesome. Hopefully the next one will follow suit.

When's the new content coming, punk?

When's the new content coming, punk?

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