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Ways to Increase Traffic for a Video Game Blog

I love that title so much. It’s so “Corporate” that I am barfing on my shoes as I write this. On the Real…I need to rant here for a short amount of time.  I’m not exactly aware if issues are coming up due to this being a WordPress blog and thus me not having any ability to edit my pages Meta data, but we certainly have seen a decrease in overall traffic the past 2 months. And especially year on year. So here are the things we DO do to make sure our little spot on the innerwebs is fun.

We effectively use keywords.
We use them appropriately – so we put in xbox in xbox articles.
The titles of our articles are not awful.
We talk about a good amount of Games in the time that they are relevant.
The breadth of games we write about is pretty good. I will admit we don’t write much about old Nintendo Games enough and that’s my fault but that’s certainly not holding us back.
Maybe the video game blog’s market is too saturated? Maybe our site sucks. Maybe we don’t write enough – like Kotaku.  Maybe we should start doing Video Reviews to bulk things up or bring back the Podcasts.  Maybe I should migrate this site to someplace I can actually do my wizarding skills. Maybe we should write more about World of Warcraft (gag)?  I don’t really know the answers. I can only say that I enjoy writing about Video Games and our Adventures with them so even if one person ping’d this site on a given day – I would still be happy.

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