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AMD and Nvidia next gen Graphics Cards

It’s that time of year again folks. Our friendly friends over at amd and nvidia are primed to release their next line of Graphics Cards. There’s an article over at Venture beat that has a nice bit of back and forth between the companies. Surprisingly little is over at their own sites about the next gen other than a small article about the switch to Windows 7. There’s a paragraph that tickles my fancy….

Windows 7 will also have features such as touch-screen control and a new graphics standard, DirectX 11. That latter is important because it delivers new graphics features that leading-edge consumers are likely to want. One feature is GPU Compute, which uses a graphics chip to perform non-graphics applications such as converting video from one format to another

The touch screen feature of Windows 7, will be cool, but what gets me is the ability to have your Video card to assist in performing non-graphics applications with a specific statement of converting video. I’m not a bleeding edge person although I do consider myself on the higher end of people with encoding, as that is known, experience. But, isen’t all this application side? Not hardware done? I can only guess that they’re thinking of real-time encoding? I’m not exactly sure. According to the article this will also be an available function for the new Mac OS, Snow Leopard.

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Windows 7 Review

I’m going to give a bit of my background to give a bit of weight to my review. I am a lifelong windows fan and an old school pc fps gamer. So I’ve water-cooled, I’ve over-clocked, and I even put a computer in a mini-fridge. My job is to take care of computers, hardware, software, and everything in between. I’ve been using the beta version of windows 7 for some time now, and I would like to share some things with everyone.

First things first when you install windows 7 it’s very simple to install. XP and Vista were both clunky as installs and very time intensive. 7 installs in about half the time of Vista and its pretty darn simplistic to install. The first thing you see of Windows 7 is the fact that it runs a lot leaner than windows Vista. Its usage of computer resources is miniscule compared to vistas resource hogging ways.

Next thing to notice is the Gui looks almost exactly like Vista. Although the desktop is a tiny bit different. The taskbar is different in looks but almost tries too hard to be a one stop shopping for all your computer needs. This makes the taskbar a bit cluttered and too busy for my tastes. Two new features called aero snap and aero peek allow you to manipulate the desktop and surrounding windows with much more ease. Aero Snap allows you to snap a window to minimize it quickly my dragging it to the top or bottom of your screen. Aero peek allows you to peek at your desktop without minimizing all your windows, and while this is fun I rarely use it.

My favorite part of windows 7 is the ability to personalize your windows to your own taste instead of having to download scripts and programs to change things. The desktop will even rotate on a timely basis. All of this makes for a fully customizable windows experience.

Last but not Least Windows 7 is a scaled down striped out version of Vista and XP. No more dial up services and MSNBC trial versions, and AOL 100 free hour things. It’s just the bare-bones windows needed programs and necessary registry additions, for the most part.


Now just as a figment of my tin foil soaked imagination, does anyone remember the launch of ME. The ill fated bastard child of 98 and NT with an updated interface and file system.  For some reason I feel as if M$ is launching Vista with 7 up their sleeves in order to fool us into purchasing their OS systems twice. Only this time moving from the old to the new won’t be such a problem with consumers, hungry for something reliable.

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